Wednesday, May 9

Brain Dead

Note: The total count to people who has done the food tag is at 61 now!! I'm so happy!!!

Yesterday and today is just a super bad day for me...Maybe is just me..but I think my brain is not functioning too well!!! My concentration power is like zilch and all I want to do is sleep!!!


1) Had to go through again for like the "I seriusly lost count" time my rejected manuscript to this stupid journal..yes I'm seriusly over this manuscript to the point of if it gets rejected again (which would be the 3rd time), I'm so cursing the bloody reviewers reviewing the paper!! apart from they are confusing themselves, they are starting to confuse me with their twisted words!!! sheesh!! yesterday spent like 3 hours having a meeting with my boss and some other ppl to go through our rebuttal letter!! a 4 page thingy in 3 hours!! (yes we went through every single sentence...and make that word!!!)

2) Due to the long meeting we had on the manuscript, I sort of neglected some experiments..and Tuesdays are just bad for me because I have to drive my brother to taekwondo and my mum from the time my meeting ended at 4.30 I was like shit crap brother taekwondo..I have to go home!!! so rush a bit more work...go home fetch brother, then drove all the way back to uni just to set up my experiments (because if I don't I would be delayed by a day which is not good!) so rush rush rush...after setting up experiment, rush rush go take away dinner, then go fetch jon and rush rush back because the brat wanted to watch All new episode of Simpsons!! yes I'm driving like a mad cow because the brat wants to watch his TV!!!

3) Had to work at home last night to think of how to write my damn abstract for this conference me attending!! not fun at all!! Had to stop half way to fetch my mum from work so totally lost my trains of thoughts...damn!


1) Ok sent abstract to boss by email the night before...but no he didn't read it..wanted me to print it out for him today to read...ok fine doesn't take me too long!! but then it still waste my time!

2) Set up 2 almost similar experiments simultaneously to look at protein expression in cells...did 2 different gels to run!! suppose to be a repeat of a successful experiment..just needed a nicer exhausted all my samples for this...realised at the point of no return that I've mixed my samples and the gels! damn!!! and I got no more samples!! arghhh now I have to grow more cells and treat them!!! what is suppose to be a 2 day experiment is going to be 1 and half week of hell!! *sob**sob*

3) Boss approved my abstract..need to register online...pulling every single of my hair because the registration form is stupid beyond to me a registration form should be name, address etc...this one also includes a) please give brief description of yourself b) Give a short summary of your work excuse me I'm trying to register for a conference..not for a bloody job!!! the worse of the worse question there was c) do you wish to be interviewed by the media? like I'm sorry but I have a huge problem with this...after all it was last time that stupid guy who filmed me make me look so ugly!! sheesh media ppl just make themself look good!! but the catch here is if you say no i don't want to be interviewed, you wouldn't be eligible for the prizes and the conference...WHAT THE???!!!

Ok about enuff ranting now...need to go look at my screwed upside down gel and see how bad the damage is...:(


Bubs said...

What a cool little hot-pink blog you have!

Thanks for starting that restaurant meme. I have to scroll down here and find your list of everyone who's participated.

Dino aka Katy said...

okay and i thought i was busy. As for media people - hate them i refuse to have my picture taken or be on film

Nicole Tan said...

bubs: haha I know I tried making everything pink!! haha I think you found the update

dino aka katy: haha I was just having some crappy days...yeah never have you picture taken or film unless you are prepared!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You're looking at protein expression in cells? How very odd - we are starting to look at protein profiles in different brain regions following stroke. What a tiny little world.

Loved your restaurant meme. Keep up the great work!

Nicole Tan said...

barbara: wow a fellow researcher!! I'm looking in smooth muscle cells to prevent stroke!! haha guess we are associated

and thanks so much

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How cool! You're doing a PhD, I believe; I am just a lab manager, so don't do any real research - just look after the money and such. We are looking at a bunch of stuff - recurrent stroke, angiogenesis etc.

Nicole Tan said...

barbara: yup yup a year now thank god! haha lab managers are cool!!! what lab do you work for may I ask??? any good projects there?? I'm sort of scouting around