Wednesday, May 23

Cecilia's Birthday @ Thainesia, Oxford St Part 1

Note: I'm surrounded by sick ppl!! I come home my mum and brother is down with the flu...In the lab, half of them are falling sick!!! Anyone got secret for the prevention of flu?!


Backdated post to 23rd March 2007

Wah me catching up on my post!!! But going to have to divide 1 day to 3 parts because there are so many pictures!!!

So it was a lovely Friday planned for Cecilia's birthday..only time when everyone was free...Heidi and I cheated a bit I admit..we thought since everyone is never on time...we told everyone to meet at 6pm when we book the place for 6.30.. :D but lo and behold for the first time everyone decided to be on time!!!! arghh...except for Bernice because she worked kinda far away and she did say she was going to be late....We then met up at Thainesia....and since Bernice didn't really know the way to the place...Heidi went to get her from another place...the rest of us decided to take some pics...catch up on our gossips....

When Bernice and Heidi finally arrived, we then followed Heidi's suggestion to order the banquet (they count by head) since she tried it before...and she did suggest coming to this ok then since someone is taking charge...if the food sucks...Heidi is TO BE BLAMED....AGAIN!! While waiting for our food to come..which seriusly took a lllooooooooonnnnnnnggggg time...we entertained ourselves with the wine...asked Cecilia to open her present too....what did we get her??? The same photo album cube I got myself a few days before after all Cecilia is as hiao as I'm sure she has heaps of pics!! I already helped her fill up a few slots with the pictures I have of her...this is quite a nice gift...she liked it!! I HOPE........


CC said...

sure thingy~ I love it, coz I also have heaps of photos I dunno where to put hahahaha..... ^^

Thanks guys

Nicole Tan said...

cc: haha glad you like it..better have one slot just for me!!!!!