Tuesday, May 29

Cecilia's Birthday @ Thainesia, Oxford St Part 3

Note: I had like the worst nitemare ever yesterday!! Imagine dreaming of dying! NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!!!! dreamt I met a car accident (the full on types with turning and fire) and already die in car accident...suddenly land slide from a nearby mountain buried me....What is happening with my brain??!!!

part 3

After having *burp* dinner at Thainesia, and after like a long delibiration process, we then decided to go to Amelia's house for the cake cutting ceremony..haha...Cecilia insisted she wants tiramisu cake....so as good friends we got her just that from BreadTop...and yes I was drooling looking at the cakes there..but Cecilia wanted tiramisu!!! but the Mocha Gateau looks so good!!!! but Cecilia wanted tiramisu!!! but the green tea mouse look so yummy!!! ok ok ok tiramisu for Cecilia...*come on whose bday is next? I VOLUNTEER BUY THE CAKE!*

So cake cutting ceremony, we forgot to get candles..but hey we have the sparkles!!! but dun dare to put in on the cake...scared later spoil the cake ok!!! We did more catching up while savouring the oh so yummy tiramisu!! HAPPY BELATED BDAY CECILIA!!! :)

ps oops almost forgot about that paper bag we put Cecilia's present in...got that from Korea...and it was the only bag that could fit the huge present we got for Cecilia! too bad the guy didn't come with the bag...I wouldn't mind..for those of you wondering, the guy on the bag is Hyun Bin (korean actor)

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