Sunday, May 13

H.A.P.P.Y. Mother's Day????!!!!

Note: I do sincerely wish my mum Happy Mother's Day (although she doesn't know of this blog existence...I hope.........)

Will post up pretty pics of mother's day 2007 later on...(give me a few more weeks for those lah yar...kinda busy lately so no time to go touch up here there)..this post is just because I'm just too pissed dy (EVERYTHING IS NOT TURNING OUT AS PLANNED!)

1) The initial plan was to have a BBQ at home and to get my mum theatre tickets for mother's day....the plan went out the window after a few days because to buy a new BBQ set would be too expensive (I don't mind getting just if I do I'll never hear the end of WHY YOU BUY SO EXPENSIVE BBQ WHEN WE DUN USE OFTEN?!)....the mother's day initial gift also went out the window when we discovered how HORRIBLY OVERPRICED AND EXPENSIVE it is...and is just for 1 ticket!! and we just can't buy 1 ticket now can we??? so yes PLAN B!

2) Plan B: Get mum a book for mother's selling book...and my mum likes to raed..and book pretty thick..GOOD...where to eat?? ok how about yum cha at Kam Fook Chatswood..haven't been there a planned with sister to meet there at 11.30am sharp to avoid the long long queue..

3) Left the house at 10.40am...takes about 30 minutes to get to Chatswood from my place..wanted to go there early to get some shopping done too (needed to buy some face cream)...went pass the city and suddenly got trapped because some demonstration was happening (see pic attached)..WHAT??!! DEMONSTRATION!! WHAT THE HELL?!!! why wasn't there proper warning?? why did the police idiots standing nearby never direct traffic properly?! (seriusly the police were just standing there and doing nothing) while everywhere was just getting jammed! and by the way THE DEMONSTRATION HAPPENED TO BE A PARADE OF FALUN DAFA SUPPORTERS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF GEORGE STREET!! (for those not sydney street is like the main of the main road of Sydney city!!! if that road is stuck everywhere else will be stuck!!!) and ooh please do notice from the pic too that I've got front fow seat to watch the damn parade (with my blood temperature rising well above boiling point!)

4) Ok stuck in the damn road for like 30 the time reach Chatswood was never on time sister was as usual NEVER ON TIME! but atleast 4 minutes ahead of me... (although I did call to warn her not to bypass the city to go chatswood) what queue number did we get?? Green colour ticket number 24....oh and by the way when we got the ticket they were only calling out orange colour ticket number 40 (yeah green tickets come after orange...oh oh and the numbering system goes to 100 in each colour...DO THE MATHS!)

5) So yes manage to get my face cream..but that only took 15 minutes!! Clock ticking, time passing by...1pm..I'm freaking hungry!! no brekkie yet!! and they are only calling orange ticket number 79!! SOMEONE JUST KILL ME!! so finally decided enuff is enuff go eat something else...prob is after 20 minute we all can't decide and EVERYWHERE WAS FULL!! EVERYWHERE ALSO HAVE TO TAKE NUMBER!!! so called Ricky to just go back to the yum cha place and see what number they are calling..and shockingly we manage to get in!!! PHEWW at 1.35pm!!

6) Oh did I mention anywhere above that parking in Chatswood is pretty horrific?? and the place we park at only limits us to 3 hour free I came in at 11.40pm..that leaves me damn 1.35-2.35pm to eat my damn lunch!! (arghh rush rush rush!) gobbled down as many food as possible....luckily we were all hungry..and the food came so fast...we didn't even bother with the trolleys...we know what we want..just hands up..2 siew mai, 2 har gow, 1 char siew pow, 2 fong zhao, 1 egg tart, 1 char leong, 1 char ciew cheong fun etc etc etc..yes the waiter and waitress around us sure got loads of exercise today from us...but they should be thankful I saved them one trip to the cashier because we finished lunch at 2.30 and just to make sure i dun go overlimit with the parking I personally went to the cashier (aren't I just so nice?)

Yeah dun you think I had like the best Mother's Day??? Next year remind me ppl STAY HOME!!! WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN??!!

ps I have to seriously put this in..I was seriusly expecting to be pissed off thinking of parking in chatswood..which has always been the case of you lucky you no lucky too bad...but this time I have to say the parking system in Westfield Chatswood is so freaking COOL AND GREAT!!! they have sensors there..and can you believe it there are lights on top of EVERY CARPARK!!! Red to say that it is taken..and green for it is available..and you can see those lights from pretty far away so you can seriusly save heaps of time!! not to mention they tell you if that level is full or not...oh and I've tested pretty fast changing...once you go in a carpark the green light immediately turn red and vice versa...DAMN KENG!!!


may said...

huarrrr, luckily I decided not to go into the city to watch Spidey 3!! I took the bus up to Chatswood as well earlier this afternoon,=, so didn't have to fight for parking space... lol! hope you had a good Mother's Day outting anyhow!

Nicole Tan said...

haha yeah men never go to the city unless you have to!! blood boiling only!! yeah chatswood is good!! so many things to do want to be chatswood girl..:)

yeah mother's day outing was alrite..

Simple American said...

Those parking light thingies are a great idea. Could use that in London for sure.

Demonstrators are damn irritating. By making life inconvenient, that is supposed to appeal to your heart. Just stupid people.

Aiyah! Such a long que to wait. At least you could get a little shopping done. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: I know those light thingys are so cool!!! saved me so much time!!

yeah those bloody demonstrators..they got me against them now!! make me wait so long!! some more make me so hungry!!! me not happy!!!