Wednesday, May 2

Happy Oink Oink Chinese New Year: With the family

Note: I missed a friend's birthday last year because of JAWS concert last year (Alex is still so cute)..this year I've got to miss the same friend's birthday because Justin decided to come back for another concert (this time no Alex :( so sad)...yes my friend ain't too happy about it hehe


Backdated to 17 February 2007

Yeh is Chinese New Year finally!! haha the time of the angpows (although me just got one!! I need more relatives here!)..and what I like the most??? HOT POT MEALS!!! so since I'm like the only one cooking at home...decided to do a big big new year dinner!! not so big lah since my dad is in India..but still got my mummy, "the brat" Jon, my sister and hey 5 of us still need me to think of what to cook ok!!

So this year, decided to do the soup meself..secret recipe ok!!! and since I got the cute little pot that can seperate 2 style of side was going to be no chilli..and the other side put a little kimchi inside to make it spicy..haha smart leh??? and the rest of the "liu", we had heaps of balls (ranging from lobster ball, chicken ball, pork ball, beef ball and yes the fish balls too), then we had a few different dumplings (I really love the egg dumplings i yum!!), fried tofu, fresh prawns, squids, marinara mix (haha it has all sort of seafood inside..the clams were so good)....oops and oh yeah we had the veggies too yar..for dessert I made the black glutinous rice...I just love that!! and I even made cute little glutinous rice balls (tong yuen) to go with it...chinese new year mah must always have tong yuen!!!!

But I think the best of all was that I manage to get Yee Sang (raw fish)..saw a prepacked one of it when I was happy!! so I got 2 with family the other one for friends...haha it actually taste exactly like the ones we have back in yeh me so so happy..bought like so many raw salmon fish to go with the Yee Sang!!! MMmmmm


Simple American said...

PhD and can cook. Whoa!!!!

Make things right with your friend. Take them with you to the concert. Nice burpday present I would think. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: doing research is like cooking except harder (have to be more accurate to the nanolitre in research)...all we do is follow recipe

haha yeah told my friend I would celebrate her bday with her another day..she sort of boycotted the singer (since 4 ppl missed her bday last year because of it..and the same ppl are going to miss it again this year!!! I'm not the only one!)

Curiosity.Killer said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I LOVE hot pot. Can you include a black glutinous rice dessert some time in the future? I wouldn't mind trying that at home....

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: sure just come to my place I make sure I make one super big pot for you..haha I love that favourite dessert