Thursday, May 3

Happy Oink Oink Chinese New Year: With mates

Note: Super busy busy day today!!! Trying to juggle 4 experiments at one go!! NEVER NEVER AGAIN!!! My head is going bonkus now!!!


Backdated post to 18th February 2007

Yeh CNY so of course must celebrate with mates right?? This time Kaka volunteered her house for our celebration....since her house is empty too!! theme of the day must wear shade of red (I didn't really follow because I rather wear pink..and red earrings atleast...)

We also had yee sang!!! which was quite weird because it was only Kaka, Bernice and me who really know about it..the rest of the ppl were from Indonesia so they were like what is yee sang??!!! aiks they missing out on good food men!! but they did enjoy it which is always a good sign....and I realised I usually only see those indonesean friends of mine when we are getting together for alcohol it was good to be able to catch up with them this time no alcohol present.. :)

As usual there were heaps of leftover was so hot too!!! so eating hotpot was like suicide!!! but very very fun...this time hotpot was not in the proper pot..we used a ricecooker!! arghh!! so not right i think...we just had to make do with what we have...everyone had fun eating...except Kirin...who was just scrambling around looking at everyone with his oh so pitiful eyes..BUT NO food for you...*order from Kaka* but men dogs look so pitiful with the eyes!!


Simple American said...

You have leftovers? 0.0

*begs with Kirin*

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: leftovers? no way for you..haha come to sydney I make sure you get proper food!