Thursday, May 10

Jonathan & My Mastercard

Note: I'm telling you I'm spending more and more time hungry now due to the food tag!! The amount of updating I do and the amount of food I'm looking at!! My tummy is rumbling dy!

nicole tan

This is following the Mastercard advertisement style:

Jonathan and his December 2006 mobile phone bill: AUD 110

Jonathan and his January 2007 mobile phone bill: AUD 440

Jonathan and his February 2007 mobile phone bill: AUD 110

Jonathan and his April 2007 mobile phone bill: AUD 88

Jonathan and his new prepaid mobile phone pack
(because I can't afford to see his monthly bills): AUD 20

Jonathan and his 10th of May waking up to see his phone wallpaper with his absolutely gorgeously cute sister: PRICELESS!!

Yes Jonathan my 11 years old brother raked up that much in his mobile phone bill which I ENDED UP PAYING!!! I would like to just add here that my own 2 mobile phone bills adds up to less than AUD 50 a month!!!!

and yes I've changed that brat mobile phone bill to a prepaid one now!!! FINALLY!!

p/s picture of meself was taken when I saw Jonathan mobile phone left in the toilet..and I got kinda bored trying to do my number 2....see how well I can entertain myself anywhere anytime?


kim said...

AUD440 in a month??? Wow, who does your 11-yr-old bro talk to? Aheeheehee!

I photographed myself using my bro's phone, and saved it as his wallpaper, too! Of course, he erased it immediately after seeing it, but dontcha just love torturing little brothers? :)

Nicole Tan said...

kim: ah a fellow "little brother torturer" and no my brother didn't talk to anyone! he subscribed to those bullshit company charging him 100 bucks a week! i know!I seriusly almost puked blood!

and my brother was more annoyed to find out I took picture of myself while doing my number 2..haha

Dino aka Katy said...

as for the food tag - saw two more

cell phones are tricky if you don't watch it you pay an arm and a leg