Tuesday, May 15

Nicole's Kitchen: GyuDon (Japanese Beef Bowl)

Note: Post is dedicated to Joyce (and that means no more calling me to ask me for the recipe and going through the steps EVER AGAIN!!!!)


Ok this post is up now because I'm tired of Joyce calling me all the time asking me over and over again how to cook this...not that I mind but everytime she calls me I'm in the middle of something!!!! so there you go Joyce, one more time you call me for this recipe don't say me no give face!! Is a pretty simple dish....and Jonathan loves it to the max so yes is pretty much a popular dish at home..

Ingredients Needed:
Rice: Cooked one of course..how to cook it?? Go READ THE LABELS!
Egg: Like how can you not have egg?
Beef: Or chicken, fish watever! but prebally thinly sliced because it taste way much better!
Onions: Dun tell me you dun have any?
Bonita Flakes/Shaving: These are just yummy to the max..goes well with a lot of japanese food
DRIED SEAWEED: no need to save on this..the more the better!
Teriyaki/Sukiyaki Sauce: Or any other sauce that are sweet

1)Fry onion in a SMALL FRYING PAN with sesame oil until brown

2)Stir fry beef until well coated

3) Add sauce to heart's desire...

4) Add boiling water up to halfly cover the meat and cook until heart's desire

5) Add egg and turn fire off (I like my egg slightly raw)

6) Transfer the whole thing CAREFULLY onto rice in bowl...Decorate with bonita flakes/shavings and heaps of seaweed....YUMMY!!!

*Totally Optional: VEGGIES...I always have to do one bowl just for me mum*

WARNING: GyuDon is pretty yummy too if you pack it as your lunch the next day at work...just be aware however warming this up in the microwave does produce a nice strong food smell...(not that it matters to me but well I dun exactly like to announce to the whole world what I'm having for lunch!)


kyh said...

wow u're such a gr8 chef! looks so pro! LOL LOL! wonderful yummy pics... ;)

Simple American said...

Looks easy peasy. Still I go to restaurant. haha

WokandSpoon said...

Yum. That looks good and you make it look easy!

Nicole Tan said...

kyh: haha thank you thank you!! I love that food toO!

simple american: it is easy!! try it...

wokandspoon: it seriusly is easy...I calculated just takes about 5 minutes :) good for ppl on the go...

evilsciencechick said...

hmmmm...what exactly is bonita? in spanish, bonita means "pretty." If I could find some bonita, this dish looks like something I could DEFINITELY make. Mmmmm!

Nicole Tan said...

evilsciencechick: bonita is a sort of fish...so usually they sell in bottles/packs those dried bonita flakes..like the one i buy..gives the dish a very strong fishy smell..but yet tasty..add together with seaweed...YUM!!!

Tera said...

Nicole...thanks again for stopping by. And my my, that looks ever so delicious!!!! Although I hear it is quite a delight, I'm not sure I could ever bring myself to eat seaweed!! I'm glad we bumped into each other...I love to cook and am always looking for a great recipe! :)

Nicole Tan said...

tera: no worries I enjoy reading what does everyone has to say about their yummy food at their place...seaweed is good..but you can always ignore that too..but seaweed is yum!

Sweetpea said...

hi nicole. i hope you don't mind me stealing your recipe. i tried it today and it's ....drools, yummy! so am gonna tell everyone in my blog and tell them to come here and steal it too :P can?

Nicole Tan said...

are you kidding me?? haha I'm so flattered u are using hte recipe!!! and ps you didn't steal it..I did pick it up from this japenese cooking show I was watching in Japan..I jsut had to reinvent some stuffs because I didn't understand what they were talking about!