Wednesday, May 30

Nicole's Kitchen: My Lazy Bum Rice Cooker Chicken Rice

Note: Stayed up last night to catch the Miss Universe broadcast...remind me NEVER AGAIN to sacrifice my sleep!!! *yawn*

lazy bum rice cooker chicken rice

I love this, my sister loves this and my brother simply adores this...apart from is super takes so fast to make!!! half the time I usually just make this and while waiting it to cook I'll go do my own things....and it cooks within 30 minutes!!! It used to be my staple food during exam time when I was still doing my degree...i would mass marinade the meat (enuff for like a week), divide it, and cook one every single day to eat...and if you change the sauce around is like having 7 different meals a week! :D

Ingredients Needed:
Chicken: prefabally diced/striped to bite size....easier to cook and uses less chewing energy afterwards
Chinese Sausage (lap cheong): come on men like how can you ignore this great invention of the chinese ppl???
Gwoachochang sauce: yes is korean, is spicy and gives an extra yum to the food...usually use in Korean bbq
Garlic, Onion & Ginger: I usually mince mine finely because the brat dun like to "eat" it...(good advice to parents of fussy kids)
Spices & Sauces: seriusly just put anything you like...i generally put soya sauce, black sauce, sesame oil, some chinese five spice powder (because i just love the smell).....and most importantly WINE (be it red wine, white wine or chinese wine...just put it because it sures makes my brother sleepy faster...and I get P.E.A.C.E.)

1) Mix and marinade all ingredients
2) Dump the marinade chicken into rice cooker when rice is halfway cooking
3) When cooked, mix everything again...Scoop, decorate (for those fussy ppl..I love putting some fried garlic and peanuts on top) & serve....but since as the name suggests, Nicole's lazy bum rice cooker chicken rice...dun bother scooping..just eat it from the rice cooker lah!! save time washing!

*Optional: because I have a huge stock of home made kimchi at home...I usually put some kimchi inside with the rice or you can use it as side can even use any veggies it chinese style veggies...or even be creative and use lettuce and make lettuce wrapped rice..but that would defeat the LAZY word*


may said...

hey, I do that too! except I have to press on the "cook" switch twice, 'cos my ricepot is too small and only cooks it halfway the first time. gotta wait another few minutes for it to cook properly in the second round, haha!

michelle said...

man that looks really good!

I really need to learn how to make it from you!

Anonymous said...

hello!!! haven't visit your site for awhile! yummy.. i'll try this! you should start publishing your cook books :) bernice

Nicole Tan said...

may: really?? haha as long as your rice dun burn at the stupid rice cooker once cook have to take out straight or not everything will stick!! I need a new rice cooker!

michelle: haha learn from me? look at the label Nicole's kitchen and start to cook men!! but you can cook what i remember

achima aka Bernice: yeah yeah try it..then cook extra for me also...publish cook book?? nah me lazy bum...too lazy to write a whole want to write for me?

WokandSpoon said...

I need a new rice cooker - rice always sticks to the bottom!
Your meal looks really easy to make - everything goes in the one pot! Less washing up to do!

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: I am after all the world laziest bum!! haha yeah goes in one from same pot too!! wash just one pot!!! I think I should start teaching Nicole's Class of Laziness..haha

Curiosity.Killer said...

Hey -- this looks pretty cool! Lazy chicken rice... Lazy is good. :)

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: yup yup easy to it!