Tuesday, May 1

Nicole's Kitchen: My "sai ku" Pineapple Tarts

Note: I've decided to start this section on some of me favourite recipes...since I do so many cooking and since you know who keeps askng for new things to cook...:D

pineapple tarts

This is like one of me favourite CNY cookies...every year ever since me little little girl I always look forward to eating this!! Our supply every year is from velverse's mum (aka my sai ku)...however ever since I started celebrating CNY in Sydney, I don't get me supplies anymore...so when you can't get supply, you just have to make the supplies yourself....so thanks sai ku for the recipe (and also thanks velverse for getting the recipe and telling me lah yar!)

Ingredients needed:
Pineapple: I find that about 2-3 good sized one is needed...extra nvm can always use it as jam!
Sugar: You can try doing without it but I bet ya is going to be sour!
Flour: Duh! 900g (for each pineapple)
Butter: 450g...make sure good good butter yar not those cheap cheap ones
Eggs: About 4 egg yolk....so what going do with the white?? go make some meringue with it or something...DUN WASTE!
Gloves: (totally optional) but trust me if you want smooth unburnt/unscarred hands..TAKE THIS OPTION!

1) Shred pineapples finely...together with juice and fibre, boil everything with a bit of sugar...boil until everything sticks together (takes a long time depending on how much liquid is present)...Warning: the stickier the pineapples, the more hot things starts jumping out! reason for the gloves!! you know me...female..want pretty pretty hands! After dried, leave in fridge until use..(and pray no one comes and eats it!)

2) Make the dough by mixing in flour, butter and egg yolks. Add 2 (or more) tbsp brine water until dough is one piece. Leave 1 hour before kneading and making cute cute shapes

3) Put the pineapple on the dough as much as desired...prettify it by just wetting it a bit with water...this would keep the fibres together and not stick out like an ugly old broom

4) Bake at 150 C until brown...and EAT EAT EAT!!!


WokandSpoon said...

Yum. I remember eating pineapple tarts when I was little in Malaysia! My mum used to make them all the time. I have to try to make them myself sometime - always been too lazy!

Simple American said...

Those look so good! 0.0

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: I KNOW!! ever since I came to australia, I've been craving CNY cookies...haha you have to make them!!! they are so good!!

simple american: thank you thank you...you want some?? ask velverse!! haha