Friday, May 18

Sydney Madang Once Again

Note: Owww velverse did like a post on my 2nd hubbie!!!!

sydney madang

Backdated post to 18th March 2007

After out "bitching" session lunch at Ichi Ban Boshi we then went home and decided to meet up again later for yes dinner this time was a korean place again..back to our favourite hang out place Sydney Madang!! woo hoo (as some of you might have recall I give this the top 5 spot of Sydney)

I actually came here because I really wanted to try the osam dak bulgogi!! and men it was yummy..but problem is it was too hot for jonathan (that brat can't eat spicy food) we ended up having to order a side dish of dumplings...which tasted quite yummy I have to say...Joyce I think had her bibimbap but she ate it so fast so I didn't manage to take pic....but here are some pics of everyone eating...the poor old me got no one taking my pic when me eating!!! All these unsupportive ppl!!! Well atleast after the meal Joyce decided to play with me....I guess I should be happy...ah wellll


Simple American said...

Play with you? Oh, you mean the camwhoring. Right. I tot you video arcade or home for play station. LOL

I loves bulgogi!!! Wonder when I can go eat this again?

Nicole Tan said...

Simple American: haha not really camwhoring lah..not that many pics to take..haha yeah bulgogi is ze best!!! so yummy...I'm drastically missing the bulgogi burger that Mcdonald in Korea has!! SUPER YUMMY! Come let's all go Korea!