Monday, May 21

Posers Maximus

Note: Everyone in my house is down with the flu except for me!! arghhh all them germ infected ppl!

tan family

Was looking at my mum's phone the other day and I realised damn even my 11 year old brother is such a poser at such young age!!! ok I admit I'm a poser too...and so is my sister...but my brother???

First picture is a self taken picture of my brother which he put on my mum's phone and told her never to take it out!!! haha quite hiao right that pic??? The second pic is of me just few days back after my manicure...and yes was trying to do the "n" as instructed by my dear cousin velverse...third picture was a few weeks ago when I was walking in a store with Joyce and Ricky...see how hiao my sister is too??!!!!

Last pic just shows if Ricky wants to be in the Tan Family he needs to try a lot harder!!! but I do think that picture was funny..a sophisticated female with THE PLUNGER MAN!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Ricky probably felt holding the plunger would look more manly then holding a parasol like yours. I enjoyed pictures!

Simple American said...

What is he going to plunge lor?

Cute. Do mommy and daddy camwhore too? hahaha Surely the photogenics was handed down genetically. Right?

Nicole Tan said...

the phosgene kid: hmmm maybe maybe...but a plunger??!!! haha fail!!

simple american: haha dun ask me what he plunging for...and nah mummy and daddy no camwhore..they too serius!!! but who knows if I look thru their old pics they might actually be more hiao than their kids!!!! I think is just in the Tan gene...why else you think velverse also so poser?? haha

angel said...

ha ha- my family also loves the camera! it makes for wonderful scrapbooking!

Nicole Tan said...

angel: I know!! prob is I dun usually develop all the pictures I take..infact I only develop it once every 3-4 years!