Monday, May 7

Shopping: Fun For Some, Bore For Other

Note: Woo hoo finally finish presenting today in one would be in minimum 10 weeks time!! yeh!! Bliss!!!


Backdated post to 10th March 2007

Ah finally got time to revisit the pics of my failed shopping weekend!! one of those weekend Joyce (my sister) promised me since god knows how long ago we should go to get some stuffs!!! so wooo was really looking forward to it (BAD MISTAKE!!! NO EXPECTATION LESS DISSAPOINTMENT)

So after dragging myself out of bed, we then left home to our first stop...Rhodes Shopping Centre where the only bloody IKEA in Sydney is!!! It used to be like 3 minutes from my house and now is 45 minutes from my far so uncivilised place!!! urgh..anyways first stop and all I can think of is food!! I haven't had yes we had our lunch first....wanted to do "yum cha" but the place was so packed so we decided don't waste time just eat at the food court..Joyce decided to go healthy and have a nice huge salad..while me had this craving for fried noodles so pad thai and curry puffs for me..(that pad thai seriusly suck...but the curry puffs was pretty good!)

After lunch, we just went walk walk at Ikea to get Joyce coffee table while I down my coffee milk tea with pearls from EasyWay (that pad thai sure is making me super thirsty)...after finishiing up in Ikea, we then headed to DFO to try and grab some good buys...I didn't get anything but Joyce manage to get herself something atleast....After DFO we also headed to Bondi Westfield because that place is bigger and Joyce wanted to get a shoe and also her groceries done...couldn't get the shoes..but yes we did manage to do our groceries there (like how wrong can we get with groceries right?)

And yes that was how my shopping saturday turned out!! dissapointment! and only saved by food!!! pheeew


may said...

DFO!! been planning to go there one day but haven't had time yet. no good ka, since you didn't get anything? yerrrr...

Simple American said...

Something about Sumo and Salad just seems wrong. 0.0

The curry puff looks nice.

Sorry the shopping sucked. But at least you got to spend time with your sis. :)

Nicole Tan said...

may: DFO?! dun waste your time leh...nothing much to shop there..unless you are extra super big size which judging from photos you aren't! or extreme small size like my sis...or not waste of time!

simple american: haha I KNOW!!! Sumo salad? is like double the not so yummy stuffs!! dunno why my sis and my mum likes it though...the curry puff was nice..i love it!! spend time with sis? haha yeah she just wanted me to sit in her car!!!