Monday, May 28

Short Post

Note: I've been crap shit busy the whole weekend!!!! whole saturday was just plain hiao-ing....and on Sunday had to help the brat do his school assignment!!! *all I want to do is just sleep now*

I was told of this article in the Knoxville local newspaper by Tish..So thanks Tish!

I didn't realise how many people from Knoxville have been doing this tag until I saw this article..haha guess I should be happy...atleast that shows everyone had fun doing the meme eh??? only problem I have with the article.......they refer to me as a woman!!!!!! Like??? I'm sorry but me??? a woman??? do not I look a bit too young to look like a woman??!! like how I can maintain my cute, innocent, sweet etc image if I'm called woman??!!! But thanks anyway to the guy who wrote that article...sure made my Monday blues dissapear.... :D


Gattina said...

Why don't you want to be a woman ??? you are a female in your profile, so what, (grin*)? A girl from 12 can already be a woman sometimes even earlier. (I am not teaching human science) You want to know others who did this restaurant stuff. I know Sanni from Germany and Thorr from Norway (links are on my blog) there are a lot of others that's why I didn't tag anybody there are already too many.

Gattina said...

Of course you couldn't find it ! I misspelled it ! His name is Toraa at !
Maybe from there you can find other restaurants ! Have a nice meal !

Jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog
it was a GREAT meme
very interesting where people dine out
well done

Nicole Tan said...

gattina: is alright..will look through the sites when I get to it..thanks so much

jen: no worries..i had fun reading everything..(and stress too because there were so many)...

may said...

huarrrr, you fehmes!! at least they called you a woman, and not a man... lol!