Wednesday, May 16

Sinfonia Antartica?!

Note: Is just not my day today

My brother sent me a msn message today demanding politely that I find this song for him over the internet because he needs it tomorrow! Sinfonia quote my cuz, velverse said...aren't 11 year old boys suppose to be asking for songs from like Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls (yes my brother love that group much to my absolute horror!) etc? Like seriusly I suck at looking for things online....yeah I know where I can download my mp3s but those are to current songs!! not a symphony!!!! not to mention who in the world have heard Sinfonia Antartica for??? even my smart cousin can't even get it!! (yes she tried torrent and limewire...all FAIL!) that song is just well unheard of!!!!! although the fact that is on wikipedia is applaudable....but hey which sane human being would want to pirate that song??!!!! There are some short version of it here...1 minute if anyone wants to hear...(take it as a bedtime song from me...)


Nina said...

I wish I could be of more help but I have no idea where you can find this song :(

Simple American said...

How come your brother cannot do it? Teach him how to spell google. hahaha

Sorry I am so cheeky. When I saw the post title, I thought the weather was cold in your part of the world. *rolls eyes*

Oh. I found a nice food tag for you.

Nicole Tan said...

nina: I KNOW!! stupid song...driving me up the walls!!! pulling every hair on me head

simple america: he knows how to google it..but to find the mp3 and download it FREE is another problem!! espcially since he gave me less than 24 hours dateline! and got your food tag...pulling every hair on me head again thinking what?!! the best food??!! you are asking the Godded of Eating what is the best food???!!! *faint*