Sunday, May 6

The "Tai Tai" In Me

Note: Been a busy busy Friday due to me rushing work because I have a presentation on Monday...Saturday was spent lazing about....Sunday aka today was spent crying why didn't i just do my damn presentation yesterday rather than doing it today! Procrastination!


I think I forgotten to mention here that I have finished my old crossstitch...yes after I think 8 sets of dramas, 3 movies, and not forgetting the fact that it has been a staple in my suitcase (dear old crossstitch has followed me Malaysia, Gold Coast and even Melbourne) is finally completed..haven't had time to get it framed and doubt I would ever get it framed because even if I do get it frame (which is so expensive here) I have no idea where I'm going to hang it!!!) And don't say hang it in my room because currently I have my completed jigsaw puzzle hanged in my room (and is glow in the dark too so no way me taking it down) Guess is just going to be left in my cupboard...hai...

And by the way I've started a new crossstitch project...this one was approved by my mum because she like the after this is completed it would be hanged in the living room (or wait make that IF & WHEN it is completed)...the old cross stitch I did measured as 42cm x 55cm...the new one is 109cm x 73cm!!! that is like 3x bigger than the old one!!!! and it took me 4 months to finish the old one too.... I think me need to be a 24 hour stay at home "tai tai" if me ever want to finish this new project


Simple American said...

Cross stitching huh? Doesn't that mean you have to eat vegetables? *runs away*

Nicole Tan said...

huh? cross stitching where got need veggies one??? don't run away!! come back!!!!

Selba said...

Wow... you also like cross stitching!!! That's cool!

Btw, my mom also made the same cross stitch like yours (the first pic) :)

If you like to see, you can check it out here:

Nicole Tan said...

you are right!! haha so nice to see someone else also completed the same one..and wow your mum did do a lot!!! I wish i have that much time too!