Saturday, May 19

To Be Happy Or Not

Note: Finally Australia TV got smarter and they are showing the final FA Cup match between Manchester United & Chelsea!!! Guess who me rooting for?!

last week when I was rushing to submit my abstract for this conference?? This was the email I got yesterday....I guess I should be happy...but dunno why I'm feeling like crap!!

Firstly due to my extreme lateness in submitting the abstract, I never did expected to get to do an oral presentation...I was more expecting to get a poster presentation (even to the point I already started before hand designing my poster!)...but now??? an oral presentation?? in 2 weeks time???!! suddenly I'm seriusly feeling scared!!!! I hate oral presentation..and in a conference?! a poster presentation is you present to whoever who comes to your poster but oran presentation?? I'll be the one boring the shits out of everyone!

Secondly, in my lab there was 4 people who submitted the abstracts including boss was expecting 2 of them (not me!) to get oral while X and I get the poster presentation....currently, is me and another person who got the oral..and the other person and X got the I'm seriusly feeling shits because I feel that I just took someone else spot for the oral when he should get it!!!! and X being a bitch she is, is making me feel 10x worse by mentioning the same facts to me over and over again!!!! I know I shouldn't be listening to X but I still feel like crap!!

Thirdly, if you saw the email, you would have realised that yes I can forfeit my oral and just give a poster if I want to (which X seem to be hinting to me to).....but would I? NO!!! NEVER!!! this was after I went to tell my boss that I got accepted for an oral and said I was a bit scared and his exact words "Well if you are really scared you can always DOWNGRADE yourself to a poster"...using such strong words I die also have to do the oral presentation right??!!!

Hai...why am I not happy???!!! After all the prize money for the student prize of this conference is a travel scholarship for an international conference worth $6000....damn why can't they just give cash??!!!! but then again if I do get it (all my fingers crossed) then I could choose any countries to go to as long as they have a conference...hmmm where would be the best??!! USA maybe since I've got all the "WHERE TO EAT" all settled thanks to the food tag! haha


Simple American said...

Come to the US!!! Can show you the good restaurants in my part of the world.

And congratulations. You did well. Don't let anyone talk that out from you. Hey. The professor bet on the wrong abstract. Piak him. muahahahaa!

Do the oral presentation. The day will go buy quicker. *winks* You did not take anyone's spot. They were not good enough to get it. Don't forfeit an honor. Come on. Stand up and shout or orate in this case.

Be happy! Celebrate!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: with the food tag I think I practically got all my USA food all settled..haha but I sure would drop by texas men!! and thanks I will do the oral..just for now I'm like so nervous!!! but it is much better so finger crossed and hope can get hte prize!!!!