Monday, May 14

WHAT?! Ichi Ban Boshi AGAIN?!!

Note: I'm sitting down at work half cursing right now because a bloody b**** just took my booking time for the machine!! like why else do I book a machine one week ahead for?! now I have to go home a bit later because of that!! B****!!!!!

ichiban copy

Backdated post to 18th March 2007

Yes again ichi ban boshi..I'm telling you this year I've visited ichi ban boshi more than I visited it last year!!! every time go out with Joyce is ichi ban ichi ban ichi ban!!!

So since I'm going to the same place over and over again..I decided to get something different to what I usually order..this time karaage new LOVE! fried chicken ramen...haha there is just this thing with fried chicken that I like..yummy!!!! Joyce got her usual tokyo ramen with extra loads of brother got his new love the unagi-ju (grilled eel with egg) lunch and a bitching day for the Tan siblings..yes my brother is getting lessons in bitching from his 2 smart elder sisters!!


Curiosity.Killer said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I love unagi. Never had it with ramen noodles, though. Interesting.

Simple American said...

Ichiban. I need to do that. Been so long.

If someone steals your booking time, just bash em in the head with a hammer. They'sll be more considerate next time. ;)

Nicole Tan said...

curiosity killer: oh no no the unagi-ju is with rice for my brother..but there are other places that serve unagi with ramen!

simple american: yeah noodles are yummy...nah couldn't bash the head..was just bitching about it the whole day around..:D

Danny Tagalog said...

Hello Nicole,

You started this with Velerse did you? Good luck with it and the PhD and the conferencing - I take it you are a Kuala Lumpuran too. Lovely place, bet you can't wait to get back.

Take care,

Nicole Tan said...

danny tagalog: yeah I started the tag and my smart cuz velverse was the one who spread it around...I suck at those...thanks for the good luck note..and yeah me from KL...and you are so right..going back soon for holiday..yippeee