Tuesday, June 5

Back to ME, ME & ME!

Note: *yawn* alright almost back to normal..need to catch up on my post before neglecting this blog again when I go on my holidays...soon soon soon

nicole's hair

yeah the photo is grainy...is either my camera really sucks...especially in my room at night...or it could be the lighting in my room is just quite bad for taking pics...or maybe is just me who should be changing the settings on my camera but you know me!! I'm lazy and I'm tired!

Got a new hair cut 2 days back...yes 2 days back!!! and I'm only blogging about it now because I was just that busy!! the presentation at powerhouse museum went alrite..I'm still alive..haha thank god is all over!!!!! I've never felt so nervous before men...I was feeling so cold, nervous and I could literally feel my heart pumping like a bullet train..i think I talked fast too because I was so scared!!!!(there was about 150 pairs of eyes staring at me....and it was right before lunch so everyone looked really grumpy too!) but atleast some ppl came up to me saying I did a great job (most of them I have no idea who....but ah well is nice to get some reassurance!) but no I didn't get the prize either....damn...maybe I should have been more flirtatious and the judges (comprising of mainly males) would have given the prize to me hor??? hehe but anyways just in case you need to know I was dressed up like above..I just came back from the conference and thought "wait a minute, I cut my hair and I haven't even blogged about it yet!! shocker"...and yeah I as pretty tired that time so didn't bother taking a great pic!! (hey after a seriusly whole day conference, dinner with lab friend, and not to mention the amount of champagne and wine consumed, I'm surprised I can still pose for the pics haha)


may said...

so cute wan, your hair cut! I need a trim too, but scared to go 'cos I don't know what they'll do to my hair. know any good hairdressers around?

Radha said...

Its cute!

Simple American said...

It does make you look younger. In fact with the graininess of the photo, my first impression was that it is a picture of teenage Nicole. keke

Well done on the presentation. Too bad you did not get the prize. The experience is valuable though and the recognition. Should not hurt your resume one bit.

*applauds Nicole*

Nicole Tan said...

may: cute? haha makes me look younger..hairdresser? the one I go to in the city quite good...nice guy too...and if you say I intro he sure give you discount...:)

radha: welcome..and thanks

simple american: yeah my camera sucks when I take picture with that light..teenager nicole?? owww *blush* yeah the presentation looks good in my resume!!! haha thank you thank you

WokandSpoon said...

Cute haircut! You're brave to get a fringe. I want one as well but I'm too chicken to get one!

Curiosity.Killer said...

That's totally cute. You can wear supercute fur collar to match -- perfect 1920s getup.

PinkPanther said...

Aw...aw.....good looking Nicole.

Have a new hairstyle for waiting your holiday soon ;-P

What kind of presentation did you present at there?
I felt nvervous too when present in front of a large group of people, but after gaining some training and practise from the local ToasterClub, I got a bit confidence now. :-)

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: haha my advice? dun ever go as crazy as me!! i'm like spending so much time just trying to fix my fringe now eveyr morning!! so can't get use to it!!

curiosity killer: I have been wearing fur coat nowdyas to match..haha thank god is winter!!! it does feel very retro!

pinkpanther: yeah new hairstyle for maximum hiao during my holiday..I have to be prepared! my presentation was about my project and I presented it for like a science conference...I so need more training!!

Helen said...

Well done! I'm going to present at my first conference next month and I'm SO nervous!

Well done on being brave enough to get a haircut like that - iot's so different from anything else it can be a shock to get used to! But once you get used to seeing yourself ni the mirror like that you'll realise that you love it and never look back!

Nicole Tan said...

helen: haha well is called the backside itchy syndrome..once i want to do it I will sure do it...and yeah I'm slowly getting used to it..REALLY SLOWLY

good luck on your presentation!!!