Tuesday, June 12

Day Trip To Canberra Part 1

Note: Wow 4 more days before I go back to KL...one week and one day before I go to Bangkok....2 weeks 3 days before I go Hong Kong/Macau....I have no mood to work now!!! arghhhhh


Backdated post to 16th April 2007

The day that I dread finally arrived..after a total of 27 minutes wasted on phone call just to reserve a time, the day has finally arrived for me to travel to Canberra, Australia Capital City to renew my passport.....don't get me wrong here...but Canberra is pretty, quiet, nice and beautiful...but it is seriusly OUT OF THE WAY TO ANYTHING!!!!! I'm not sure how many of you guys actually know the history of Canberra (click here for the wiki description) but I so want to kill the people who made it Australia's capital.....just because people can't decide between Sydney and Melbourne...and to play fair they decided to create the capital right in the middle between the 2 largest city of Australia...if you want to create a city like that...don't you think is atleast necessary to also build AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT??!!!!!!!!!! I no kid you people...the capital city of Australia does not have an international airport...just a small measly airport (which most flights flying here are always delayed due to fog!)

So due to the inefficiency of flights going to Canberra (and also because I needed to be in Canberra till about 4pm..and the last flight out of Canberra back to Sydney is 5pm), I ended up using my credit card point to rent a car....although I rented the cheapest car possible, I manage to get upgraded about 3 times because the car I wanted wasn't there the time I booked it...woo hoo...got to drive a nice new comfy little car....with remote everything...woo hoo!!!! and is red too!! haha i like!!!!!

The drive to Canberra from Sydney is about 3 hours plus...so woke up at 5am!!!! because the appointment is at 9pm.....*yawn* that is like the earliest I've woken up since like god knows when!!! I'm sleepy, hungry, sleepy, tired & sleepy and I need to drive!!! My dad could have driven but he too was sleepy and nicely enjoying being in the car!...cis....as you can see from the picture, malaysian high commision in Canberra ain't too pretty....supposedly trying to imitate the Minangkabau design (you think it looks like one?).....I think it just look like a block of concrete!!!! and the part where you are suppose to do the passport looks even more dodgy!!!! no pictures of that though because I was scared (you know those imigresen people aren't too friendly and I don't exactly want to be booted of the place!)

So after settling the passport bit by 10am....my dad and I had like let me see 5-6 hours to linger around the most boring city eva to wait for my passport to be ready.....so what did we end up doing???!!! to be continued..


Simple American said...

Alamak! You suffer so.

Interesting history. Why not just have a war and winner becomes the capital and the other city gets the Carthage treatment. Civilized people are so boring.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah I agree with you they should just start a war and get this over and done with!!! I dun care whether melbourne or sydney gets it!!! atleast both are way much more assesible!

may said...

yerrrrr, I want to go home to KL too! *pouts*

I'd rather take a train to Canberra than drive, methinks. then again, when you get there, you'd need a car to get around efficiently... d'oh!

Nicole Tan said...

may: dun ever take the train!! it is slower than taking the car and it is super duper uncomfartable!!!!! haha yeah and you do need a car to get around canberra..public trasportation there ain't so good