Thursday, June 14

Day Trip To Canberra Part 2

Note: Woo hoo tmr would be my last day of work before going back to KL!!!! lalala can't wait can't wait can't wait!

Continuition from Part 1

parliament house

After settling my passport, we decided to go nearby to a "tourist attraction"..the good old Parliament House of Australia...why we bother going there??? dad never went before...and it looks cool...and most importantly entrance is FREE!!! so after some security check (I wonder why..hmmm), we then walked around and joined the tour around the parliament house....truthfully speaking I found it boring...but it was a pretty cooling place (IT WAS A HOT DAY!) plus I got to take pictures!!!! we even manage to up to the roof to take picture and the view was magnificent!!! although I still wonder why they bother growing grass on top of roof for!! a bit fake!!! We spent like an hour and half here (I know for a real boring place too!)...we then went to get some wines for my mum before heading for lunch..

lunch at cafe jet

Lunch unfortunately was bad!! We had lunch at Cafe Jet...service was bad, slow and food wonder it was the only place not cramped with people!!!! while waiting for our food, daddy and I were trying to figure out how to refill the cute little salt/pepper we had no problem using it, but refilling it is a different story!!! to refill the salt is simply opening the top..but to refill the pepper we have to do it from the bottom...but if we do it from the bottom, salt would spill out...and NO WE DIDN'T EVEN MANAGE TO FIGURE IT OUT!!! so frustrating!!!!! anyways after spending 5 minutes thinking, dad continued on with his newspaper and ignoring me to the MAX!!! so what did i end up doing??!!! then had the grilled fish with cheese sauce..i didn't really like it but the chips were good....I had the fettucine with pepperoni and wine sauce..HORRIBLE!!! so dry!! and the pepperoni was so hard!! yuck!

And yes after lunch, we went to the place my dad has been itching to go to ever since he saw the sign leading us there...CASINO CANBERRA...yes my dad is a very asian person..everywhere go must go to the casino...this casino by the way is under the Crown Casino Group (meaning owned by like the richest guy in Australia)..The main casino is actually in Melbourne and trust me that casino in Melbourne is like 100x bigger than our Casino Canberra....seriusly Casino Canberra only had like 5 tables open!!!! that is like 2 tables more than the worst casino in Australia (Wrest Point Casino at Tasmania) I give this the 2nd worse casino ever in Australia!!!! I would have love to take a picture of the state of this casino but you know casinos and their I end up taking picture when I went to pee (don't worry I took the picture AFTER I peed!)...but imagine someone trying to do poo and the nearest thing to read would be that sign (stuck on door).. :D talk about entertainment during shitting!

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