Wednesday, June 13

I Curse Thee **** **** To A Lifetime of Diarrhoea and Pain!

Note: Tired, Stressed And Pissed

Today is as pissed as I can back the letter from the bloody idiotic jerk of the editor of this journal I'm trying to submit my paper to....I know is a lot of fowl word to curse someone but seriusly even my usually good tempered boss called him an a***hole!! (and this is coming from a person who told me not to say the word shit!)

Truthfully speaking is not that I'm pissed with my paper getting rejected...I'm pissed because of how rude the editor and the reviewer was....For those of you who doesn't know how this works, basically when a paper is submitted, it is usually sent to 2 reviewers to review it...for my paper, one reviewer was fine with it and gave it the thumbs up..and the other reviewer was just being a dickhead!! and the editor?? being the bigger dickhead listening to the already dickhead idiot! urgh....

That dickhead of a reviewer was such a pain...once you satisfy one criteria of his/her, he/she would look for trouble elsewhere...and when you try to correct that dickhead, he/she fights back more with useless comments..but unfortunately we are at the losing end because a manuscript can only be resubmitted once (and thanks to dickhead reviewer we can't resubmit again)

Not that I want to resubmit again to this journal (or more like I doubt i can) since bigger idiot editor sent like the rudest comments back to my boss...not to mention giving like weird ass excuses that contradicts himself...for eg we wrote "all 3 residues are required for blablabla"...and in another page we wrote "mutation of all 3 residues is required to block the same blablabla"...and he dare say those are incompatible!! like WTF?!!! is just a matter of wording! use your brains!!!! and he even continued on to insult us about us not taking the time to study our data and the comments provided by the dickhead reviewer (like excuse me? I had to work during christmas and easter break just to satisfy that dickhead and you dare say I didn't take the time??!!! and not to mention 4 of us sat down together going through word by word of the dickhead reviewer 2 page comments for 3 hours and you dare say we didn't study properly?!)...and he made it worse by writing "it is the responsibility of the authors to understand concerns and make corrections and in this case this has not happened" like WTF?!!!! excuse much of my time have I spent on this??! and how long have you the dickhead editor spent on this (which chances are you didn't even bother reading it just following dickhead reviewer comments since he himself did not make much sense in his letter!!!!!) urghhh bastard!!!...oh by the way he finished of the letter with this sentence "Consequently, the manuscript must be rejected from any further consideration at any of the ASM journals" I'm sorry? I just sent it to one journal and now I'm banned from 10 other journals??!! BASTARD!!!!!

Oh and my boss and I googled up the editor just now....that dickhead has like 7 publication for a pretty senior person which is considered very very little....and by the way 4 of the 7 journal is the same journal he is the editor for...Talk about injustice!!!!

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