Sunday, June 3

Justin One Good Show Sydney

Note: I know I know I've been neglecting this blog for a while...have been really tied up with work and not to mention my impending presentation tmr at the Powerhouse Museum (yes in less a little less than 24 hours my whole misery would be all over)....and need I even get started on the constant soft reminders for me to upload the concert videos?? sheesh here you go hiao ma!!!

justin lo

Not too backdated post to 26 May 2007 (I have more backdated post just bringing this forward for hiao ma's benefit)

As busy as I am with my work, presentation and my hiao-ing expedition, I still manage to squeeze some time for this concert...well it sort of helps when you buy the ticket early so any future plans is revolved around the concert!!! First I want to say a big thanks to burnburn for letting me use his/her concert pictures!!! This is what happens when you buy the cheapest ticket and sit so far away till you only see like a ant size of the singer..hehe...I still much prefered the concert last year when Justin performed with Alex, Stephy and Wilfred..but this was good too...

Yes I can hear a lot of ppl going now..WHO??!!! Justin??!! who the **** is he??? So go read the description here..this post is long enough as it is..but to cut a real long story short...Justin is Heidi's 2nd hubby...or did I get the number mixed up again? hmmmm...anyways the concert was packed..and we get those free clapping thingy and a whistle..haha woo hoo...atleast can play along!! the guest star of the night was Theresa Fu of her dance with Justin was SUPER HIAO!!! haha you can hear Heidi getting jealous dy!! and then came in another female (supposedly Miss Chinese Australia or something) and yes Heidi got more jealous..but Heidi's heart was definately shattered when one song Justin was proposing and getting married with another female..haha OUCH!

I quite liked the part where Justin was performing on the sub-stage just with the just something about singing with the piano alone..and even with the guitar alone...yes ppl he also plays the guitar and was performing it on the stage...(with some nice little bubbles..i thought that was so cute!) All in all the concert was good...his voice is good...and I do like his songs (oh he does write most of the songs himself which makes it even better...heck he even composes songs...2 of them was sung by my hubbie...ahhhhh)

So I'll end this post with 6 videos I manage to get..not too clear image since I was zooming in from quite a far seat...sounds quality is quite good (but you can hear Heidi singing in some of them! blame her not me!)

Kong: I like this song the best..dun ask me why...sounds nice...he wrote this song after he watched King Kong..haha

One Last Cry: to all those who much prefer english songs..he did a remake of this song...I damn like this song too!

大雄: He wrote this song for my hubbie....and he sang it in the concert!! argh still much prefer my hubby singing this

大雄 in english: he even sang half the song in english for those of you who wants translation

決戰二世祖: Ahhh a nice upbeat song..with a little bit of Justin dancing....quite cute song too...

好人: One of his most famous song...and also the finale song (well finale song is always the best song) here you go the whole song...with a lot of Heidi's singing too since they had the lyrics on the screen


may said...

I was going to ask who was Justin, until I read further on! not bad leh, the songs.

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha you are talking to master psychic Nicole one..I know everyone would ask who is justin...haha yeah his songs are not bad..since I definately wasn't going to the concert to look at leng chai...haha

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Oh, that was good, I haven't heard of some of these, I enjoyed them, too! Good luck with your presentation.

kyh said...

Justin zhak tin??? is it???

Nicole Tan said...

shrink wrapped scream: thanks..the presentation is over..glad you like the song

kyh: yup yup zhak tin!! you like too?

Simple American said...

Good you got to unwind before your presentation. Letting off some steam had to make it better.

So who is Heidi's first husband then. This Justin guy in trouble lor?

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah was good to unwind a bit...although i got out of the concert rather deaf!! Heidi's first hubbie is Jay Chou...this quite popular taiwanese singer...nah Justin guy not in trouble..she still love him all the same I can hear her screaming I love you in one of the clips..haha

Simple American said...

He loves me? Oh no!!! 0.0