Sunday, June 24

Me Update!!!!

Short Note: I'm so tanned now!!! the first day I came to Bangkok I was mistaken to be a japanese or korean...and now I'm so dark that I passed to be a Thai with ppl talking Thai to me!!! ARGHHH!!!! anyone knows an instant de-tanning process?

Since I've got time to pass, thought I would post a small (maybe not small lah) update of Bangkok now and have been since Wednesday....been a pretty hectic holiday I got to say..and today is the first day I'm actually feeling relaxed and what has since pass since I took the flight to Malaysia

Saturday 16 June: Got to be like the hectic and most stress ever encountered to take flight....never been so glad to just sit in the airplane and chill.....had brekkies with my darling sister and Ricky...then was nicely chaffeured to the airport....however when Joyce and Ricky was saying their byes to me, Ricky left his keys in the car!!!!! so ended up they both was stranded at the airport....luckily we don't stay far from the airport so Joyce ended up going back home to take spare keys....Ricky had to stay to take care of car...while me was stuck in long long line to check in... I encuontered problems at the imigresen check in due to my new passport and ended up being delayed there because they had to rescan my passport....custom check proved to be a pain as well due to long line and how strict they are...and worse in imigresen you can hear the annoucement calling out my so lovely name saying is final boarding call...S.T.R.E.S.S.

Sunday 17 June: Woke up in the beautiful country of Malaysia...spent the whole day with velverse and family to celebrate Father's Day at The Curve...eating galore!!!!

Monday 18 June: After sending velverse to work, had to go get my laptop fixed before lunch with my other relatives...after lunch, went to renew my driving license which a whole big drama enfolded out....won't go into details now since I'll blog about it later on (which is after I draft out my formal complain letter to the road and transport ministry of Malaysia...yes is to that point!!!!)...even had time to meet up with my college mates (Joanne and Kenny) at Subang....happy happy!!!

Tuesday 19 June: Woke up super early to fetch velverse to work before going to settle my return ticket to go back to Sydney..decided to pay a bit more for MAS so that I don't need to transit here and there.....will be going back on the 10th of July now....yes I'm that lazy to start working! Met up with an old friend Kok Choon for lunch at T.G.I.F before going to Midvalley to do some window shopping....met up with my darling leng chai (Hui Yee) for dinner...super yummy...

Wednesday 20 June: Last minute packing before heading to airport with velverse to go to Bangkok!!!!!! luckily no airport drama..don't think I can handle so many airport dramas in one week..Arrived in Bangkok and went to Khao San Road near our hotel to look around

Thursday 21 June: The day that I got super dark from all the walking!!! MY LEG ACHES!!!!! did the cultural tour of Bangkok.....temples and palaces galore....very very a bit pissed with some ppl trying to cheat money out of me!! yes this place is full of beware tourist!!! also had time to go SuanLom night market...very nice place

Friday 22 June: Went to another temple (Golden Mount)...our last temple visit...and saw something that made me so disgusted (R rated)...went to Siam Square for a tour around...even had time to watch Fantastic 4 at the cinema here...the cinemas here by the way are AWESOME!! The seats are so nice and comfy!!!!! no kidding you!!!!

Saturday 23 June: The day when I really really got dark to the max!!!!!!!! Chatuchak Market...the craziest, busiest market huge!!!! spent the whole day here and haven't even finish walking it...and need i even get started on how my $$$ is depleting thanks to think place?

Sunday 24 June: Lazy lazy day!! like now!! woke up around 11am....and currently at this really awesome place at Thorn Lor to just have a nice R&R.....jealous yet????

Will be going back to KL tmr....before Hong kong/macau on friday....hope I can sneak in another post soon!! muaks!


Simple American said...

I am very jealous. But go ahead and make me more more jealous. :P

Have fun Nicole!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha I did have fun!! but I'm so tired now..worse than before I left!! i just need sleep!!! but I got to go back uni tmr!! JUST KILL ME!