Friday, June 15

Meet The Dad Day For Ricky

Note: 2nd last post before I go for holiday!! and I'm going for buffet dinner tonite...I'm so hungry already!

ichiban with parents

The whole time we were in Canberra, we were constantly on the phone with Joyce who insist we HAVE TO have dinner together...she wants Ricky to meet my yes die die and as tired as I am after driving like the whole day and waking up at 5 something I had to DRAG MY TIRED ASS for dinner.....

Dinner was as usual at Ichi Ban Boshi....why??!! because sister loves it and wants dad to try it....this time I decided to get the Hiyashi Chuka (cold noodle) because I was like having the worst headache and I needed something cold....mum got the curry ramen (not as nice I think)...Joyce as usual got the Tokyo Ramen.....Jon got the usual Unaju....while Ricky & Dad went for the Tonkatsu Ramen (mmmmmm).....I think the meeting went well...Ricky & dad nicely chatting away about I dunno engineering stuffs (me just turned off you see).....and I was dreaming away of one thing....MY BED!!!!!


may said...

Helloooooo Nicole's Daddy... hope you're doing well, uncle!

Nicole Tan said...

May: haha my dad no read my blog shhhhhhh..hehe