Friday, June 8

Nicole The Provoker

Note: Is so windy today!! thank god I cut my hair...atleast now my hair doesn't feel and look like a broom with the wind...Thank god for the invention of gel/clay!!

I don't know why but after my presentation, I've been feeling seriusly bored!!! like yes I am busy with my shit work...I've got my household commitments...but they are just making me DEAD BORED!!! and what do Nicole do when she is bored??? she start looking for trouble...oh wait not look for trouble....CREATE TROUBLE!!!!!!

1) During the conference I went to, there was an interesting talk about stem cell reearch and politics...and I know there are some religious ppl in my lab (those full on roman catholics) during morning tea yesterday I just started back on the topic...and of course bring religion in it too...Firstly I'm not very religious but I do respect ppl with religion...but there are ppl who claim they are religious but go against everything that their religion is preaching and that is what I cannot stand...take eg X from my lab...s/he is so religious to the point s/he is against stem cell research, abortion, cloning, genetically modified food etc....and here is s/he loudly proclaiming her stands against these things..and his/her project HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH CLONING, modifying genes, torturing animals...I'm sorry but don't you think is a little bit H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.???? and yes I did make it a point to tell s/he about it and we got into a bit of a heated topic....s/he didn't look too happy after that.....and boy don't I feel proud!!!!

2) Today some ***** of a ****** conveniently went overtime on her booking with this machine...Me was right after her...and obviously I was kinda pissed because I seriusly hurried a lot of stuffs just to make sure that I can use the machine on time...but thanks to ***** I was 40 minutes late!!! and I ended up also having to take ***** sample out of the machine because that person conveniently dissapeared...but I of course left a nice message with her samples in the fridge (X, Please in future stick to your allocated time as to not inconvenient everybody else!) I wanted to be ruder and tell s/he how annoying that person is since every week we have the same problem...but decided against it (actually more like I was writing it in big words on a small piece of paper and I was too lazy to rewrite it)....I was told after that when she saw the message she was looking real pissed (and at the same time a nice grin just came to my face...which can't seem to dissapear now...lalala)

Yeah that is about the only entertainment I've been having lately...How do you guys entertain yourself during boredom??? Need me to teach you a few neat moves?


may said...

it's windy AND cold!! brrrr!! when I'm bored I usually go for a walk, but not in dreary weather like this. I blog-hop. like now. hi!

Nicole Tan said...

may: HI!!!! I KNOW!!! my god this year weather is just too long havent felt cold in sydney already!!! haha you must try my provocative fun fun fun! me so happy

Simple American said...

Maybe a slap or slashed tire next time to make the point. muahahahahaha

Mesa evil.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah i was thinking worse than that..maybe dead headless chicken on the front porch...or maybe paint the front of the house with bright red paint??!!