Saturday, June 16

Off & Away

Nicole Holiday

As you can all see I'll be away for a pretty long time...3 weeks in total....well that is if I don't get the backside itchy syndrome of extending my stay in KL...chances are I won't be updating the blog for the duration......but feel free to browse around and leave comments....for the FOOD TAG UPDATES....well that is put on hold for a while...sorry guys!!!

So where is me holiday taking me this time??? 3 countries in total....go back to KL to restock....then off to Thailand with velverse for a "just the 2 of us" holiday...then come back again to KL to recuperate..then away again we go to Hong Kong/Macau (with velverse sis & parents) yes this holiday is a very family oriented holiday..haha that is with cuz cuz!!!!

Got to get back to packing...enjoy your weeks ahead!!! Definately will come back with loads and loads of hiao pics!!!! :D for those of you in Sydney or KL who wants souvenirs, start sucking up to me like right about now...nice sms-es or calls would definately be entertained.....but make my life easier a bit and tell me what you want first yar..:D


may said...

wait for me, wait for me! *brings extra large luggage to fit in* LOL!

have fun in KL, and Thailand, and HongKong, and will welcome you back with open arms to Sydney in 3 weeks' time!

WokandSpoon said...

Have a great trip and don't forget to post the photos when you get back!

Simple American said...

That is so cool. You girls have fun in Thailand.

Food gloroius food. Man I cannot wait to get to Malaysia.

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha does this mean you would come greet me at airport ah??? in thailand so nice!!!!

wokandspoon: forget to post photo??!!! haha NEVER!!! but got to wait a while only coming back in 2 and a half week time

simple american: we are having fun in thailand!!! foood is great!!!