Thursday, June 7

Oysters Anyone?

Note: Is it me or has this week just passed by really quickly?!

sydney fish market

Backdated post to 14th April 2007

The day my dad arrived in Sydney!!! so yeh daddy is here to help be my chaffeur, entertan my brother and my mum...and let me be relieved of my dauther duty for a while (NOT!)

So no later than 2 minutes after my dad step into the house from the airport, the phone rang and it was a long time friend of my mum's who came to Sydney for a few yes ended up having to go out with them and do some about no rest for my dad!! Lunch was at Sydney Fish Market..since is her friend's first time in might as well go to the good place...

I should say right here and now..NEVER EVER GO TO SYDNEY FISH MARKET ON A WEEKEND! It was so packed!!! so hard to find parking (and by the way they increase the price of the parking now...i paid like 12 bucks for 3 hour parking!! what a rip off! it used to be 6 bucks!).....back to topic...parking was difficult...and there were so many tour buses here!! like since when have Sydney Fish Market became a prime tourist attraction?!!!! Me no kid you..they bring those tour groups from Asian countries and just leave them there to have their lunch! it was like a war zone looking for a place to sit!!!! luckily we manage to get a table right outside a stall...we just had to buy our lunch from there...which wasn't too bad atleast...

So after the introduction was done (Cecilia used to be my mum's landlord when she was young...and she came with her sister and hubbie), mum continued on talking with the ppl..while my dad and I were the food hunters...jon did what he does best, sit on the table and play his gameboy (BRAT!) ok decided to split up with my dad...I get the seafood platters (the usual of chips, calamari, prawns, fish, octopus, squid and oysters) while dad go get the sashimi (that usually has like the longest line because the sashimi here are like dirt cheap and super yummy!)..and since I was in charge of the oysters I obviously got my favourite..the cheese mornay oysters and the kilpatrick!! yummy...seriusly after eating those 2 you would never ever want to go back to raw oysters!! but then again all oysters are yummy!! mmmm..the other food was good too...well it is fried so anything fried is good!!!!

The sashimi my dad got was so good!!! the picture I showed looks like is very little because we almost finished it before I even took a picture...yes everyone love sashimi...except jon...who found his new love for octopus this time around.....just wait till he starts loving oysters like me....then we would start having oyster war!!!!


Simple American said...

I love octopus too!!! And oysters. *slurp*

Seafood! Yum!

Welcome home to your dad. Hmmmm. I think Jon and your Dad have the same nose for sure.

may said...

those oysters look darn good. I had some courtesy of some friends of the family, and soooo big and fresh they were.

I only have time to go on the weekend wor... must fight the crowd and beat them away with my umbrella! *fight fight*

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha they do?? dunno but they both look nerdy to me..haha...and yeah oysters yummmmmm..octopus?? I still have a prob with their head...I feel bad!!!

may: yeah oysters are so good!! so cheap here some more...hmm only got time to go on weekend ah? just ponteng during weekday lah..haha but if you go during weekend...dun drive..and go early!!!

Shantanu said...

Wow, that's a very mouth-watering collage! Looks like a fun place to visit.