Monday, June 11

Urmmm How Old Did I Say I Was?

Note: Public holiday today...had a long weekend but men talk about STRESS!!! My manucsript for rejected AGAIN (this time it was approved by one reviewer and denied by another...Guess whose house me burning tonight?)....apart from that I watched Shrek 3 twice in 2 days...I was alright with it after the first time..after the 2nd I decided Shrek 3 is bad! haha

me and jon

Backdated post to 14th April 2007

After yummy and boring lunch at Sydney Fish Market (ok ok I know I'm bad...but I was bored listening to them talk!!!!)...we then headed back home but stopped at one of the electrical shops near my house to get some stuffs for the house....on the way Jonathan decided to want to play those little rides...and since he was like super hiao want to take picture...of course me would never say no!!! cute leh?

When we got home, Joyce came back to pass some stuffs from her work...and wooo she got a cute little headband!!! with nice rabbit ears...urmmm or is it cow ears?? cute or not?!!!


may said...

why are your bunny ears spotted like a cow's? lol! and Shrek the Third twice already? aiseh, I haven't even watched once!

Shantanu said...

Hey Nicole! Your blog about You, you and only you looks unique. :) The pics, everything looks and feels refreshingly different. And thanks for visiting my blog.

Nicole Tan said...

may: I think is a cross between rabbit and cow!! haha..and yeah shrek the third twice!!! KILL ME!!!

shantanu: you can see I'm just obsessed about myself..haha thanks for visiting my blog too!

Simple American said...

I think it is definitely moo moo ears. I would be scared of a spotted bunny.

So jelez. Shrek 3 twice!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha moo moo ears? wooo....and trust me you won't want to watch shrek 3 twice!! and pay BOTH TIMES FOR IT!