Wednesday, July 25


Note: My nose is officially blocked after inhaling too much smoke....but those smoke was worth it....the smell of barbecue meat....mmmmmmm meat meat meat

me in lab

Backdated post to 15th May 2007

Is just one of those days I'm suppose to be looking through my dreaded annoying &*^*&^ manuscript over and over and over again....was all alone in the lab till pretty late...and since I am officially braindead, thought I would entertain myself by learning how to use my mobile camera more and snap snap snap snap...of me....of the lab...of me bench....of me desk....which I spend like 1/3 of my day I need a bigger spot....feel so constricted!!!!!

So let me introduce you to my surprisingly tidy work bench...usually is a huge always messy desk is always messy...seriusly with the amount of papers and books and my tight!!!! hehe by the way thanks yar velverse for my gorgeous Alex pic as my wallpaper (she makes like the best wallpaper for laptop I tell you!)....hmmm come to think of it I think is about time I give my desk and bench a spring messy!!!!!!


Simple American said...

Your desk looks neat compared to mine. I need a flamethrower to fix this!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: wow a flamethrower?? haha do you have on I could borrow?? hehe