Monday, July 23

Guess What Me Got?!

Note: Me no feel too throat is such a pain!!!!! My ears are so painful everytime I swallow!!! horrible way to spend the weekend!! arghh!!!!


Yeh men me got the new Harry Potter book: Harry Potter & The Deathly the book on Saturday after my lunch with Jimbo (velverse good buddy!!!)..or actually I was eating and he staring..haha....but thanks jimbo for the lunch!! Jom malaysian food next time!! (can you believe it I didn't even take picture!!! damn!!! sorry yar cuz!)

And due to my previous deal with Jonathan (he needs to give me a massage every night)....he gets to read the book first....but that didn't stop me from nicely flipping the book to the last chapter.......haha I have to say after reading the last chapter and the wiki about it...It might take me a while to read the book..I am kinda Jonathan is such a slow reader!!!!!!!!!! wooo yeah men which reminds to go redeem my free massage now....ciao


may said...

I gots one too, I gots one too! almost halfway now, but too sleepy to continue... zzzz...

Simple American said...

You guys have a different cover than US books. I think your cover is cooler.

Hope you are feeling better. My son is last to read in my house, because no one wants to wait for him. I think my daughter had the book first.

I read the last paragraph. Will read the rest when the movie comes out. Only read the first two books so far. lol

Nicole Tan said...

may: haha too sleepy to continue?? want me to tell you the whole story??? :D

simple american: we have different cover?? maybe is because you bought the kiddies version...what?! you would read it when the movie comes out?? that is a long long wait!!!!