Tuesday, July 24

Happy Mother's Day Mummy!

Note: Me not kidding when I say me lab got more dramas then the TV I watch....:D

mother's day 2007

Backdated post to 13th May 2007

Remember a few months ago when I was cursing the shits out of Falun Dafa? Yeah so now I can blog about the happy happy part...yes cross me heart no bitching here.....hehe..after super lon deliberation we decided to celebrate Mummy's Day at Kam Fook Restaurant in Chatswood....so far that place is always me fav place for yum cha...the food taste better here...dun ask me why....no food pictures this time since after waiting for like so freaking long...I just gobbled down my food without taking pics..hehe..but if you really want to see food pics from here click here...only pics were taken after lunch...with Ricky and Joyce stealing the spotlight from my mum and taking so many of those lovey dovey pics...cis...NEXT TIME YOU GUYS ARE BANNED FROM BEING LOVEY DOVEY (until I get my bf..hehe)

We got mum a book...or more like Joyce got it because I was that busy...what is the book about? I dunno so don't ask me!!!! I know is pretty thick...:)


Simple American said...

What is the book? Cannot read the title. Yep! I am so blind.

Your sis favors your mom. Tell her to get away from that boy. Boys are eeeevil. :P

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha nah is because the picture was small...you are not blind...haha yeah sis should remain far far from ricky...making me feel weird..haha