Tuesday, July 17

Holiday Anger #1

Note: I got ready pictures to post up today...I left it in my old lappie....and I left my old lappie in the lab...and I'm too darn lazy to go back!!!! ah well leave for tmr

When I got back from my holiday last week, one of the things on my "TO DO" list was to send out nice complain letter to JPJ (Road Transport Ministry of Malaysia)....many of you told me for what??! not like you would get a reply back...but GUESS WHAT?! I GOT MY REPLY TODAY!!! after just 4 working days...shocking!!!!

And yes i was that pissed until complain letter is at the top of my "TO DO" list...why?? because i wasted so much time & energy at JPJ and not to mention I was insulted so yes I needed to be heard and I wanted that b***** to get into trouble....to cut a whole long story short (not that short lah but short enuff), the main points of my complains were

1) I started my nice complain letter on a nice note complimenting the system in JPJ which has improved since the last time I was there (although truthfully speaking i can't see it getting any worse)

2) Then I started complaining about a particular b***** (with the name and staff number because I made sure I got that!!) who was rude to me...not to mention the part where she was threatening to cut up my Australian driving license...which I thought was seriusly too much...then she asked me to fill in a form (which she sent me on a wild goose chase around JPJ of Setapak (which is bloody huge!) to look for the wrong form!!!! and when she found out she gave me the wrong information and form number she called me "bodoh" (aka stupid)...bloody hell I have written proof here!!! then she told me I needed to make a new license (when all I needed to do was to renew it!) and made me wait for 45 minutes doing nothing!

3) While waiting for that 45 minute for the supposed "Pengarah" (boss) to sign the application for a new license, obviously I got pissed since there didn't seem to be any news about how long it was going to take...so after 45 min I took the initiative to go back to b***** and asked her to let me see this "pengarah"...so I was let into the place and what did I see? the nice "pengarah" was chatting about some totally unrelated stuffs with another woman and my paper work was just sitting right in front of her...urghhh...when she saw my angry face she then started looking at my thing..and just 5 seconds of it she said this does not qualify for a new license..all I need to do is RENEW!! WTF?!! THAT WAS WHAT I TOLD THE B**** urghhh waste my time!!!

4) So yes my case went back to the same B****...so while waiting for my license to be renewed which I just kept quiet (since my australian license is with her and I don't exactly want it cut up), she just nicely said there "Cik akan lebih cantik jika tak garang dan senyum lebih" (Miss would look prettier if you don't look so fierce and smile more) EXCUSE BLOODY ME?!! here I am late as hell, with my relatives waiting for me to finish and you are saying that to me after that wild goose chase you started?!! urghhhh

5) I finished my complain letter by saying since I don't know whether my complain email would be read but if I do not hear back from them in 14 days I would send this email out to the newspaper (since that way I'm sure to get a reply back..hehe)

I didn't mention this in my complain letter lah but after I got all my license I asked the b**** where was the complain department...and she pointed me to this small little complain box hidden at the corner...and I just look back at her and told her is alrite I'll send an email...then I continued on right in front of her writing her name and her ID number..:D yes I can be a b**** too...

So anyways today I got the reply back...the reply "The Department do not condone rude actions of our staff and the matter will be investigated and we will inform you of the matter" yes my blood not boiling as bad since I saw that the email was also forwarded to the Head of JPJ...so yes we shall wait and see if no reply within 2 weeks atleast I know some email addresses to start sending complains too again..hehe will keep ya updated!! woo hoo

Moral Of The Story: Yes ppl you can actually fill in the JPJ complain form on their website and it does get read.....shocking so send to JPJ first before sending it to the newspaper...give them a chance to explain first...and I doubt anyone complain through there..since I saw my complain file ID to be number 15....:P


Simple American said...

You're not being a b**** when you are being f***ed by poor service. You are a citizen asserting your right. So unbelievable. Hope she gets her @$$ chewed off.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha i know that was why i insisted on writing my complain letter...need to make sure she atlest get some stern warning