Thursday, July 12

Kaka's Fire & Ice Birthday

Note: I feel so fresh fresh fresh...had like 10 hours of sleep last night...first time in weeks I actually feel awake!!!! The world is mine to conquer!!!

shancheng hotpot king

Backdated post to 25th April 2007

Yeh is Kaka's birthday time!!! and she already planned nicely where to have dinner.....back to ShanCheng HotPot King 山城火鍋王 on Sussex Street, Sydney....came here just about a year ago and the memories of it is still fresh in my mind (that was like a total of 3 days of indigestion!)

I met up with Bernice, Heidi and Julie first since they needed to sign the card and get the birthday cake..remember how from Cecilia's birthday Heidi and I were already eyeing on the Mocha Gateau?? so this time we both were like drooling walking to the shop...but once we reached the shop, there was NO MORE MOCHA GATEAU!!! *sob sob* I was waiting a month for this!!!! so we took the Mango Gateau (seriusly yummy too...but I still want my Mocha Gateau!!!! whose birthday next?!)...after getting the cake we headed to the restaurant and waited since Kaka and Deasy was late...sat down on an awfully small table (suppose to sit 4 and there was 6 of us!)....the forever late Edwin was *ahem* VERY yes we didn't bother waiting..all of us were hungry!!!

Kaka took the initiative to order everything (basically just ticking what we want on the menu before giving it back to the waiter)...god knows how she manage with all of us saying what she needs to tick..haha...but once the food came, we all dug in!! hot hot hot....but yummy!! i always liked the soup here...the taste to it is seriusly good....but this time since my tummy was already not feeling too good i mixed the hot soup with the not spicy soup...taste so good!!!! but men my mouth is still burning hot!! but absolutely worth it!! the balls....the sauces....yummm

After the hotpot we still had a tiny little space in our stomach for the cake...Kaka so didn't expect a cake...and mango cake too...super delicious...especially since it was so icy cold (i think those ppl in the restaurant put it in the freezer)..and icy cold cake after a seriusly hot dinner...HEAVEN!!!!!!

As for present, what did we get Kaka??? haha a bottle of green tea liquor which only 2 shops in Sydney selling it!! but what to do?? Kaka wanted that and we purposely went to scout around for it!!! and does this liquor taste nice??? wait for future post lah!!!!


michelle said...

nicole, is this the all you can eat place??

Nicole Tan said...

michelle: no way pay as you go!! Definately not all you can eat

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday to Kaka. You treat your friends pretty good. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: oh yeah men we have a very good love hate relationship..haha j kidding