Wednesday, July 11

Lindsey's Graduation Dinner @ Bavarian Beer Cafe

Note: I finally finished unpacking and played with my new laptop....Is not too bad after all.....atleast I still have time to post!!

bavarian cafe

Backdated post to 20th April 2007

Woo hoo my dear old friend Lindsey finally graduated as a chiropractor!!! yes out own resident chiropractor who I presume would be nice enuff to give me some free adjustment if need be...I hope i hope..hehe...this dinner was also the first time Heidi and I see her and her new bf!! haha luckily a few days before the dinner I already interrogated her kow kow on msn so I know the whole story already..woo hoo

Dinner was at Bavarian Beer Cafe at the city..quite near Wynyard station....from the outside it actually looks more like a pub that is frequented by white collar ppl after work..but once you go inside and right down to the basement is just like every other restaurant....nice and cosy...a bit tight but atleast between the catching up and the a lot of talking, we atleast manage to place our food and drink order....most of us got the mango beer (seriusly I think this place does serve quite nice mango beer)....and foodwise since I can't decide what I want, I just got the meat platter with the normal sausage and pork knuckles...there was also some crumbed chicken, sowerkraup (which I dun like since is cabbage and is pickled) and super yummy mash potato (or was it me just too hungry?) wise I have to say this place doesn't really serve nice german food...the pork knuckle was so not crunchy..and sausage was so normal...and crumbed chicken not nice also!! I think Lowenbrau was way much doubt I would come back to this place again since it is after all quite pricey!!! (not that I paid for dinner but thanks lindsey for the dinner!)...

What did we get Lindsey for her graduation gift?? haha a book on tarot card reading.....I wonder whether she has master it already or not?? I need to go for a new fortune telling since the last one I went was all wrong!!! urghhhhh

For dessert we had an assorted cakes selection that we bought from 85°....not too bad lah but I didn't manage to taste all of it....but worth it lah...i much prefer asian cakes to western cakes anytime!!!!


WokandSpoon said...

Mango beer!!! Where is this Bavarian Beer cafe??

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: Is at Sydney..forgot what road already but very near King Street

Simple American said...

Well done. Congratulations to Lindsey.

One Lowenbrau bitte!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah our fellow chiro finally...I want german food now...hmmm