Friday, July 20

O Where O Where Is Ricky & Joyce?!!!!

Note: Nicole saw cute guy in Hong Kong.....cute guy wear specs and is super fair....cure guy is Ricky's friend......Nicole ask Ricky to show cute guy picture....Ricky sent cute guy picture.....cute guy no wear specs and look dark.....and is with another girl!!!!.......Nicole is DEVASTATED & SAD!


After yum cha at Marigold we all went nearby to the market to get some groceries...make that my parents & Joyce....Ricky, Jonathan and I decided to invade the asian supermarket upstairs for more goodies..Mmmm...after getting all the shopping done, Joyce and Ricky volunteered to get the car...and leave poor old me with my parents and Jon for so long!!! talk about bored waiting for them under the slight drizzle...worse part was it was so jammed up around there for no reason which makes it 10x longer for Ricky & Joyce to come...*yawn* QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!!!!!


Yo said...

Going crazy waiting for family/friends... Just eat!!! I like this pics of you and your brother ;-)

Simple American said...

Yep. You favor your dad. haha

Jon looks crazy. In a funny way. :)

Nicole Tan said...

yo: haha of course my brother and I love picture taking!!! or more like i force him too

simple american: really? you think i look like my dad? hehe everyone says so too!!! trust me when I say not only does jon look crazy...HE IS CRAZY!!! and that makes me 10x CRAZIER!!!!