Friday, July 13

Old VS New Precious

Note: I have a seriusly decreased lack of appetite since I've got tummy miss malaysian/thai/hk/macau food badly!!!!!

new com

How can Nicole get a new laptop and not put a picture of it??!!! took me long enuff men!!! but yeah ppl here is my new laptop...with my old one also lah..we must never forget my old precious!!!

For now actually I'm still using my old laptop....since I figured I rather use the old laptop when I'm in lab...all the programs are in it, my files and not to mention is way much more lighter than my new laptop!!!

But my new laptop is so cool!!!! is BLUE!!!! Sony VGN-C25G/L.....not like those boring old grey colour laptops (sorry if I just insulted yours)...and i damn like the part where there is this special slot for my camera's memory card (Sony camera) and also for SD card....ahhhh no more looking around for the stupid cable no more!!! and the screen for new laptop is way is after 13.3" yes watching my dramas and movies online is now way clearer (not that I've tried yet) and the sound quality is way way much better!!!

However the only few things I don't really like about the new laptop (or more like needs serius getting use to) would be the fact its OS is Windows Vista...I'm sorry but I'm a creature of habit...and it is frustrating!!! and I now am using Office 2007 in it too (which is like way way different from 2003 version) yes seriusly need to start getting use to this!!!!

Most importantly a big special thanks and big hugs to velverse for bringing me to buy my new laptop and waiting 2 or more hours with me while we try to squeeze as much as we can from that IT guy...haha squeeze so much until that guy ended up benefiting only RM30...hehe oops...but if any of you guys want to buy a new laptop from around Sungai Wang area I'm more than happy to pass you this guy number...:D just bring velverse along to help you bargain!!!


may said...

RM30 better than nothing! waaaa... so now can blog faster anot? ;-)

Nicole Tan said...

May: haha yeah loh he should be glad i faster ah??? actually not really...but can watch my dramas on computer clearer!!! hehe

Simple American said...

My missus is good at bargaining. She help me get my IBM Thinkpad (which is black) but she gets employee discount too. :P

I like Vista and Office 2007. Except in Excel where I cannot move worksheets from one workbook to the next.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: wow your missus is good at bargaining?? she can always follow me next time...we together to kill ppl..haha...what? excel 2007 cannot move worksheet? arghhh!!!

WokandSpoon said...

Hey you have a new laptop! Very cool!

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: haha thank you thank you