Monday, July 16

P.H.S. (Post Holiday Syndrome)

Note: Super busy weekend updates...dun lah scold me!

post holiday syndrome

I've been back in Sydney for one week and I think I'm suffering from a major case of P.H.S or post holiday syndrome....i sleep so much yet I feel I haven't got enuff sleep....and worse ever since I got back I think my appetite is playing hide and seek with me because I've seriusly lost appetite to eat!!! arghh...I miss malaysian food so badly!!!

Some of you guys asked me what I miss most of my holiday...first thing in my mind? FOOD!!!! all i can say is anywhere but Sydney is a food heaven....arghhh...I miss my holiday food so badly!!!!!!!! but I would also have to say really miss my cousins so much..yes velverse and Denise....I just want to take this oppotunity to say THANKS SO MUCH TO BOTH OF U FOR MAKING THIS HOLIDAY SO FUN FUN FUN!!!!! MUAKS!!!! and we shall also not forget my "Favourite Cousin Boyfriend" Jason for bringing me around some more....he is so nice to me so ok lah you deserve the award for now (until my other cousin's bf starts sucking up to me...)..I should also start introducing you guys to my other cousin Mabel (from the other side of the family)....why? because she is also ok ok to me lah (she did after all go to the airport to send me off in a way)....and she has been a secret reader of my blog for a while (any bitching and secrets better be kept here yar....mouth zip ok!!!!)...

Thought I'll put an extra picture of my cutie darling Hui Yee since we did spend a romantic dinner together in KL...haha thanks for taking time out come out with me yar...sorry yar didn't manage to catch up with u after that...busy ok

Post Note: To those ppl whom I didn't manage to catch up with when I was know who you are (yes to you guys who has been leaving angry emails and msn messages for me about me not calling u guys)....I was seriusly busy!!!! next time ok?!! hehe


Simple American said...

Looks like you had a super time. I want to get travelling so bad now. Argh!!!! Let me out of this office!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: it was a superb time!! haha come let's go travelling now...i also dun want to be stuck in office

WokandSpoon said...

Looks like you really had a good time! I'm hoping for more photos of food!!

Nicole Tan said...

wokandspoon: haha yeah it was a really good holiday!!! i want more more more