Tuesday, July 10

What Is To Come In Future Posts....when I get to it...

Note: I think I feel more exhausted after holiday than before holiday!

holiday summary

Yes I'm back from my holiday and HATING IT!!! I hate coming back to work again..and worst of all I HATE WAKING UP IN THE MORNING IN THE COLD!!! I've been waking up every morning for the past 3 weeks super hot..and today to a temperature around 12 degreess...help!!!!!

Hope to be able to put some posts up...I know I'm sort of backdated....but men I've got so much to catch up on...gossips (I think I caught up to about 80% of it), sleep (maybe so far now just 50% sleep debt paid back), work (let's not begin to calculate how much work I've got because enuff to make me kill myself), unpacking (80% done), playing with my new laptop (10% completed...but I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!! woo hoo) Anyone wants to volunteer to be my personal assistant for a month?

Holiday has been so great...been great to spend so much time with cousin dearest....(yo cuz always remember the pinchu pinchu, pokka pokka and raba raba)..been a really fun fun trip...got to meet my hubby and one leng chai..muahaha...and eating?! thank god i just put on a tiny little bit of weight..pheewww..but went 10x more darker..arghhhhhh and 100x more broke..i need to look for a new casual job now!!! no money!!!! Also a special big thank you with hugs and kisses to my other cousin Denise and my best cousin boyfriend Jason for letting me stay over at your place and also fetching me to the airport...and entertaining me a whole lot this trip??!!! haha thanks yar..muaks!!!!!!

P/s ok better thank my other cousin Mabel too for coming to the airport to send me off (although she was sending her other friend and conveniently came and say hi to me only!) :D


may said...

new laptop! woo-hoo! and more bak chang than me, hahaha! such a cool holiday. Disneyland summore!

it was warm earlier last week and now it's back to cold... brrr!

Nicole Tan said...

may: yeah which reminds me i better go camwhore with my new laptop tonight..haha my new precious...and yeh men i had homemade bakchang...eat so much!!! why is it freezing cold here!!!

Simple American said...

Sounds like you had a good holiday. OMG! Finally, a picture where I believe Denise is happy. haha Karaoke will make anybody relax and have fun. Good!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: welcome back!! haha Denise is happy...just seldom smile in front of camera..dun worry this trip we force her smile big big already...karaoke was fun fun fun!!!! i want to go again!!!