Monday, July 30

WHAT?! Yum Cha again?!

Note: I manage to persuade my supervisor to let me go Melbourne for a conference and now I'm paying the price of having to write a bloody abstract!! ARGHHH!!!!!!

golden kingdom yum cha

Backdated post to 19th May 2007

After coming home real early from the cocktail night out at Kaka's place
(like at 3am..or was it 4?), I was rudely awaken up by my lovely family to go yum cha...this time to try out this new place called Golden Kingdom Restaurant near our house...I don't mind the yum cha...but men I was seriusly having a headache from the night before....I don't think is from the drinking but more of serius lack of sleep and I was still banging my head from watching such a stupid DVD that night!!! arghhhhh

So after dragging my butt out of bed, I manage to hitchride in Ricky & Joyce car since mum and Jon was coming straight from Jon's about ample parking space..and guess what??!! NO NEED TO LINE UP!!!! although we seriusly should have take it as an omen the place we are going to SUCKS!!!! but there was no line!! and HEAPS OF PARKING!!!! but seriusly you know a yum cha place sucks when A) There is heaps of parking B) No lines C) They no push any of those carts and D) Most important of all....their YUM CHA MENU IS ONLY 2 PAGES LONG!!!!!! do you know how hard is it to order??? we were like arghhh so little food!!! how how how??!! so we just choose 80% of what was in the menu (what is in the pictures)!! yes that was how little food they served!!!!

Foodwise? I have to say really small portion and kinda bad...seriusly none of the food here actually pass my QC test.....the glutinous rice was so dry....the siew mai was hard...the char siew pow tasted weird..siew long pow was like more floury than meaty..pan fried rice noodle was the nicest of them all but so oily!!! the egg tart SUCKS!!! it was like not sweet, so dry, crust sucks!! and the mango pudding??!! what the???!!! is like so powdery that you know it wasn't really fresh....and the deep fried icecream?? FAIL TO THE MAX!!! The proper deep fried icecream should be fried then served...not fried then left in the freezer and was like harder than a bloody rock men!!!

After like a super dissapointing lunch, Ricky was given the job to send me mum home...while Joyce and I sent Jonathan to his next class before treating ourselves (wait I think I paid for it!!!) to a nice manicure and pedicure..:D we are girls after all....ahhhhhh


Simple American said...

And the dim sum was so photogenic. But no good in the tummy? Rats. Still you all look happy, happy in the pictures. :)

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: haha the dim sum photogenic or me expert? hehe...of course we look happy!! IS ALL FORCED!!! talk about hangover!