Thursday, August 23

Back In The City Of Supper!!!!

Note: *yawn* found out I'm doing a poster for this conference in Melbourne yesterday...good news is I don't need to worry for days about giving a talk....bad news is I've got to do a poster and I don't have the mood!!

krispy kreme

Backdated post to 16th June 2007

After super super horrible flight back to KL, and my super super delayed flight too...I finally arrived back in the beautiful KL!!! ahhhh so nice!!!! after quickly getting through imigresen and customs, I manage to spot my aunt and uncle pretty quickly who volunteered to come and pick me up from the airport since they were going to go to KL from Port Dickson...and woo hoo they home made bak zhang!!!! oooooooooohhhhh it has been so long since I ate it...the ones we get here in Sydney is so unhomemade taste and I always loooooveeeeee the ones my aunt and uncle make..mmmmm so I sat behind in the car and given the duty to guard the bak chang...mmmm the salivating waiting to reach velverse home to eat it!!!!!

Alas to my dismay, the journey back to KL was a long aunt and uncle took the long trip through Putrajaya (which actually was qute good because Putrajaya is seriusly quite beautiful at night...take this from someone aka me who finds Putrajaya BORING!)...and when we reached KL, we made a detour to pick Princess Denise up..and finally after 1 and half hour we were back safely at Mandy's house!!! woo hoo...time to eat eat eat!!!!! I didn't take the Krispy Kreme donut...after all I have loads of it here anyways.....I opted for the bak zhang!!! and why I love my aunt/uncle homemade bak zhang?! because they made 2 types....first the saltier version with meat, nuts and mushroom which is yummy and so satisfying...and the second version which is more yummy and more satisfying to me (much to the horror of everyone)...the plain old bak zhang with nothing but the rice...eaten with yummy gluey unhealthy satisfying gula melaka!!!that is like ze best!!!!!! so damn good!!! oooooooooo the thought of it now is making me think loads of happy thoughts!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *nicole starts floating off to lala land*


Simple American said...

So is the aunt and uncle Nicole and Mandy's parents? Or is this another other aundt and uncle?

Nothing like eating good food and then go to sleep.

Nicole Tan said...

Simple American: yeah yeah they are Mandy's parents...yeah seriusly is only in KL that is can have a huge supper and go to sleep so peacefully after that...mmmmm