Wednesday, August 22

Brrrrr Brekkie with Joyce & Ricky

Note: Last picture with Joyce and Ricky for a dun say I don't love you guys enuff!!!

cafe yeeros

Backdated post to 16th June 2007

Yeh the day has finally come for me to go back to KL...woo hoo...after a late night out with the lab ppl at Suminoya and my even later/earlier morning last minute packing up followed by the excitement until I so hard to sleep....I manage to drag myself out of bed....Joyce and Ricky was nice enuff to volunteer to send me to the since my flight was midday, we decided to go for breakfast was a cold windy rainy morning...and me being prepared to go back to KL was dressed in like short sleeves and was freezing my *&^ off!!!! luckily the place we went to, Coogee Yeeros Cafe had heater!!!! pheewwww

Since I knew I was going to be on the plane and I LOVE PLANE FOOD, I opted for the small brekkie with poached egg and toast...and hash brown at the side since I've got a dying craving for it that day....Joyce opted for the heathier version of chicken salad with some weird curry...(WHAT?! FOR BREAKFAST?!) Ricky being the macho man opted for the huge breakfast with everything including bacon, sausages, egg, mushroom etc...yes IT WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriusly nothing beats a yummy good old greasy unhealthy breakfast...

After brekkie, I was then nicely chaffeured to the airport...never did I know airports could be so stressful...Click here for story......well atleast I should be glad I didn't encounter any problems watsoever buying and dumping a dozen Krispy Kreme donut into my backbpack!!! hehe yes I manage to put 2 boxes of donuts into my backpack, get it up the flight and shockingly it arrived in KL ok!!! I demand Krispy Kreme open a chain in KL!!! that would save me bag space men!!!!!!!!!!


Simple American said...

I keep thinking you are going to Kay El again. haha

Plane food is good. Can hardly wait for that long trip to Malaysia then. Some day. *dreams*

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: you mistakening me for may must be!! haha but my post from now on would be my KL trip down memory lane!! and yes plane food...mmmmmm too bad they dun give you double serve