Thursday, August 16

Extension to Mikey's Family Tree

Note: I'm feeling seriusly slow and depressed this week!! arghhh I think is the weather

me family tree

Remembered the post about my love child Mikey, I finally managed to compile as much as possible regarding his family tree....:D

So in conjunction with Mikey's 3 week old birthday, here is our family tree so far!!! We have grandpa Levon (our boss and also where Mikey's name came from), grandma Estella....we even have the favourite auntie Mary and favourite uncle Fernando....And of course there is Lionel and me as the daddy and mummy...The godfather of Mikey is Jeff while godmother of Mikey is Antonetta....Ning who was the mid wife in the story also earned himself a spot on the family tree (or not I scared he take Mikey away)


And just to prove that Mikey has the "smart PHD" genes, he has been helping us in the lab...see what a lovely child he is??!! I'm so proud!!! *sniff sniff*


Simple American said...

Oh come on. Eat him and get it over with. LOL! :P

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: NO!!! HOW CAN YOU SAY EAT MY SON?!!! my love child!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO