Friday, August 10

Jon's First Eva Professional HairCut

Note: I think I ate too seriusly feeling so bloated!!!!

jon hair cut

Backdated post to 9th June 2007

Exactly one week after my hair cut day, we decided is time for Jonathan to have his first professional hair after all, ever since he was born he has like the worst ever hair cut in our opinion!!! apart from the usual mum cutting hair and those cheap barbers outside...Joyce and I decided is time for him to be pampered (or more like drastic change to increase chance of him being a hottie) who else better than to bring him to but our hair dresser..haha...we usually go to this guy in the city...infact been going to him for a while...seriusly quite good...and not to mention the only hair dresser so far who pampers his clients with massage chair while getting your hair washed (HEAVEN!)

Don't you guys think Jon just look so darn freaking good now!!! Unfortunately it did not last and he is back to his ugly hair style...time for a hair cut again though...he has been bugging me to bring him again since his class photo day is approaching..:) I should also point out that Ricky also had his hair cut the same day with Jon...but Jon just look so darn attention is on him...Is not my job to pay attention to Ricky right?? :D

And just incase any of you guys want to go try out this guy, the contact detail is

Ray Chan
Mars Hair, Shop 4 Skyview Shopping Plaza
537-551 George Street SYDNEY
Phone: 9266 0387


Simple American said...

So who cut his hair before?

Oh my goodness. That is quite a pout Nicole.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah haha i believe it can be bigger pout..hehe