Monday, August 20

KitKats Galore

Note: I can't believe I'm saying this but no more chocalates for me this week!! I'm seriusly too high on sugar right now!


Just for more suspense before my going home trip, here are the pics of the things I got for my 2 loveliest sweetest cousin: velverse & Denise...Why I got those?! well velverse has always been showing me pics of kitkats that she so drooling over and since I know we can't get it in Sydney and in KL, decided to have it sent over from Japan..:) I didn't manage to taste all of them but the ones I tasted was absolutely delicious!!! the KitKat Green Tea is ze best! I quite like the mango one too....mmmmmm

For Denise I got her a super hiao earring display because I know she wanted one after I showed her the one I got for myself...of course I made hers 10x more hiao than me...although now me also want to get another one for myself because I've got not enough holes to put my earrings!!! hmmmm thinking of getting the same one I got for Denise...or should I get another one 10x more hiao than hers?


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

wow u got the kitkat sent over from Jap? Serious!! But the kitkat wrappers sure looks very nice! make me wanna eat them!

Simple American said...

So many Kit Kats? My wife would be so happy. Not to mention the kids. Me no can eat. Must say no!

Curiosity.Killer said...

I love that earring holder!! Maybe you can post about how you make it... it'll be your craft category. You're be a big hit!

Nicole Tan said...

kev: yup the power of internet!! direct from Japan..:D trust me when I say is yummy!!!not just look it

simple american: haha well I can't exactly just give mandy one or two right??? of course must give her assorted sure u dun want?

curiosity killer: haha I didn't make the holder...I bought it from somewhere...but nice right?? the present even came with personal arranging of earrings!!! see that was how nice i was to denise!

case_in_point said...

that earring holder is seriously cool, you're so nice to your cousin :-)

would you mind telling me where you bought it?

Nicole Tan said...

case_in_point: welcome..and nice to my cousin?? CAN YOU SAY THAT LOUDER SO MY COUSINS CAN HEAR?! hehe

I got the earring holder from ebay I think..just type in earring display there and there are loads you can choose from!! Happy Shopping!