Monday, August 27

KL Day 1 Part 1: Brunch @ Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Note: I don't know what is wrong with the weather today, but is making everyone I know feel lazy...INCLUDING ME!!!!!

kim gary

Backdated post to 17th June 2007

Nothing feels better than waking up back in KL!!! I miss the feeling so much!! I think I was the last to wake up (well is either me or velverse anyway)...and my cousins have planned to spend the day at The Curve since there is a really nice flea market there to buy cute cute things.....*rubbing my hands in anticipation* is not even 24 hours since I landed in KL and I'm already going shopping..woo hoo

So we all got into the car and the first thing we did when we arrived at The Curve was to book our dinner spot at *oh be patient and wait for the next few post*...we then had lunch at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant....the first thing I noticed when I went inside was "ARGHHH this place is full of Bosco's pictures!!!!"seriusly speaking why can't they get a better spokesperson????

Anyways foodwise, I really quite like it...I'm always in for these sort of fusion food anyway...I had the cheese baked pork chop rice...yes cheese with pork freaking yummy...My aunt and uncle had the honey baked spare rib (one of them had the chicken) with shanghai style veggie rice, velverse had the baked rice with slice beef and twin sauce (so named because it came with one creamy sauce and one tomato based sauce) and Denise had the korean set (oriental soup with bibimbap)..hmmm come to think of it we in HK restaurant and she go and eat korean food pulak...hmph....we all shared the french toast with honey, butter and peanut butter..and can I just say right here that the french toast is ZE BEST!!!! My god it tasted so good I swear to god just eating it just made me feel 10x more happy...and now I seem to be craving for it...shit and no where in Sydney sells that!! arghhhhhh

Part 2 of the day will be up dunno when..soon I hope..busy lah nowadays...


Simple American said...

That cheese baked pork chop rice looks just wonderful. I like cheese on anything. Including other cheese. :P

Waiting for part 2!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah anything with cheese is great!!! mmmmm..part 2??? patience patience let me de-zombified myself more first