Tuesday, August 28

KL Day 1 Part 2: Walk walk & window shopping @ The Curve

Note: There is a lunar eclipse tonite....moon is red...urmmm not exciting at all also...ceh

@ The Curve

Backdated post to 17th June 2007

After lunch at Kim Gary, we then had the energy to start our walking session....the flea market @ The Curve was good....gave me some ideas on what to buy...but "Nicole, control control...no shopping now...after Bangkok and HK!" was all I can think...so yes me no buy anything!!! pheew...the only thing we spent money on actually was those cutie capsule toy machine..yes velverse is in love with them and I've got to admit they are awfully addictive (like those jackpot pokies machine)....atleast this one you sure get a toy!!! haha...

And all this turning dial and walking was making us super thirsty...so we decided to just drop by at one of those kopi tiam @ The Curve...forgot the name of the place lah....but is the only kopi tiam around there anyway......my saiku (aka my dad's sister) had her kopi-o ais.....and the rest got the teh tarik....me I got my cincau soya bean since I haven't had that for so long!!! velverse and I was busy taking pictures of everything and anything....after all we needed to practise picture taking for our holidays!!! afterall practise makes perfect right?

Stay tune for part 3 Celebration of Father's Day (tmr maybe?)


Simple American said...

Teh tarik. Hmmm... I need to try that next time I go to Malay Bistro.

I wanna play time capsule with Master V too!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: yeah you have to try teh tarik...but make sure is authentic and they "tarik" it...if not FAIL! haha play capsule with master v??? she would love it!!! jsut give her lots and lots of coins!!

Simple American said...

What is tarik mean?

Nicole Tan said...

tarik means pulled...malaysian specialty...where they "pull" the hot tea to create froth....try it!!

Simple American said...

I tried teh tarik Teusday. Quite nice. :)