Thursday, August 9

Korean Dinner At Seoul Ria

Note: Me tummy is not feeling too good...wonder what I ate?!

seoul ria

Backdated post to 2nd June 2007 and continuition from cutting hair day

So after me electrifying hair cut moment, we then went out for dinner at the only korean place I know of that might not have so many people...not to mention one that is super close by so I don't need to walk that far....This time we conquered Seoul Ria at the corner of Goulbourn Street and George Street..

When we went there the place was so packed!!! but luckily we got quite a good spot....since sister wanted something wtih soup and spicy, we got the spicy seafood hotpot...while the boys and me wanted more meat meat meat and we got the combination BBQ meat (with chicken, beef and pork!) yes that was so good!!! apart from the complimentary side dishes, we had an extra order of the seafood pancake...and can I just say..out of all the korean restaurant I've been to in Sydney, this place serves the best seafood pancake!!! mmmm...ZE BEST!


Simple American said...

I love Korean food. They have this new place that specialize in spicey tofu soup. It is so yummy. And we always order those seafood pancakes, bulgogi, and have to have my kimchi too. *slurps*

And your new hairdo does look nice as brunette too. Maybe dun have to paint the town (or your head) pink just now.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: woo I love pancakes and bulgogi...and I can't help being backside itchy when new things are concerned!