Thursday, August 2

The Last Hiao Thing On The "To Do" list

Note: Bloody hell I just realise that photoshopping pictures with old computer and new computer is different!! arghhh sorry guys no quality control!

Nicole hiao

Backdated post to 2nd June 2007

So yes finally reach the last thing to do before I go back to Msia....cut my hair!!! i've been bugging every tom, dick and harry should I or should I not cut my yes finally decided to cut my hair short....since holiday time I don't want to be messing so much with long hair....and I decided to cut my hair today since my presentation in a conference was a week away....ahhhh so many things to do before going back to KL....

I managed to drag Joyce along..I needed the moral support...and perhaps some expert advice (not that I got many)....after giving some support she left me for her acupuncture appointment..leaving me all alone in the scary place looking at my hair being chopped off here and there...*sob sob* there goes years of growing it long...*sob sob*....when she came back I was still not finished and still being she decided to take some snapshots of me....(AND HERSELF!! talk about hiao!)

After me was done.....we then went out for dinner.....which will be the next post...busy lah!!!!


Simple American said...

You're so funny! And the hair cut turned out well too.

What was Joyce doing with her lips. Kinda scarey!!!

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: funny? haha I look like a CRAZY WOMAN!!! what was joyce doing??!! dun ask me she hiao-ing with my camera...hai

Feffery said...

Looks like they were gonna fry you up in that chair hehe. You look like a gang leader for fairies with the pink hair.

Yo said...

Next time don't forget,I come with you for a colour ;-)

Nicole Tan said...

feffery: I am after all Tai Kar Jie ok!! haha but woo fairies with pink hair??!! haha ok maybe I should ask all you guys to go dye your hair now!

yo: yeah yeah me pink you blue ok?!