Tuesday, August 14

Lunch @ Marriot Hotel with Lab

Note: Stupid dumb Ning!!! Talk about giving me false hope when he pass me a show with my hubbie only to find out when I was dying to watch it, IT IS ALL IN MANDARIN!!! URGH!!

marriot hotel lunch

Backdated post to 5th June 2007

A day after my dreaded presentation in the conference...I can finally breathe..now all I have to wait for is my holiday in a few days time...but still got some things to attend to..one of them is the lunch my boss asked the PHD students to go for...well I actually didn't really want to go because it was semi formal sort of thing..but then FREE LUNCH...at MARRIOT HOTEL!!! That is like telling me die also need to go lah..IS FREE LUNCH!!!! I'll knock my head, bang my head, jump down from building if I say no to it!!!

The lunch was actually an award presenting lunch since it was the ASMR (Australian Science Medical Research) week....forgot what is the name of the dude that won it..I was there for the food....truthfull speaking the food was ok ok lah....the entree which was the scallops or the ravioli was quite good...I got the ravioli which was so creamy...but I did steal some of the scallops from I forgot who...not too bad too....the main was a bit of a dissapointment though..I got the steak (super dry leh...not juicy at all!)..and the fish? nah didn't smell too good to me..hehe

And the worst part was THERE WAS NO DESSERT!!! HOW CAN?! DESSERT IS ALWAYS THE BEST PART!!! yes wasn't too happy bout it...well atleast one of us had dessert (ahem *cough* Jeff *cough*) Anyone wants to guess who was it from?


Simple American said...

No dessert!!!! Tell them you're not going next time. And give them a to go box to bring back your portion.

Nicole Tan said...

simple american: since it was free not nice to complain lah..hehe